Thursday, 24 January 2013

My self introduction by Kyoko N.

First, I'm going to talk to about my English skill. I have the 2nd Grade of the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency. I have taken a TOEFL ITP Test once, but I've forgotten my score. To a certain extent, I can read English. However, I don't have much English vocabulary and cannot speak English very much.Next, I'm going to talk about my hobby. I belong to UTSB, the University of Tsukuba Symphonic Band. I play the euphonium, like a small tuba. I like listening to and playing music very much! I join this circle and practice the euphonium four times a week. We will hold 68th regular concert on December 21st. It will start 6.PM at the Tsukuba NOVA hole near the Tsukuba station. Please come to our concert. Also, I like watching a movie or DVD. I go to the cinema by myself or with my friends, and watch a movie on the weekend. I like SF, action and fantasy movies. The back ground music of movies is wonderful, so like it very much.


  1. Hi.The regular concert was very wonderful.
    I like watching a movie too.

  2. I want to listen the sound of you! what is the best of back ground music of movie for you?

  3. you have wonderful hobby! what is the best movie you have ever seen?


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