Thursday, 10 January 2013

About me by Sakiko

  My name is Sakiko. I am from Kyoto, but I lived in Hamamatsu for 15
years before moving to Kyoto. So I can speak Ensyu which is Western
Shizuoka area dialect better than Kyoto dialect. I feel you can guess
what Kyoto dialect is. Of course the dialect is spoken in Kyoto; ookini,
ikezu and so on. Ookini means thank you. Ikezu means spite. Kyoto
dialect is very famous. On the other hand, you do not know Ensyu dialect.
The dialect is spoken around the Enshu district; dani, dara,damonde and
so on. I like both, since I take pride in both.
I am 21 years old now. My date of birth is June twentieth 1991. I have 2
elder sisters. The eldest sister who lives in Nagoya is 28 years old,
and the second oldest sister who lives in Kyoto is 24 years old. We
sisters are good friends. Since I plan to return to my hometown to meet
them again after a long time at the end of this month, I'll look forward
to it.
My major is Chishiki Jyouhou Tosyokan (College of Knowledge and Library
Sciences, School of Informatics). I have received almost all lessons on
the Kasuga campus.I belong to the photographic club which is held on the
Kasuga campus. The University of Tsukuba students are hardly in this
campus because there are most students in Hongaku. However, I think that
Kasuga campus is a wonderful campus which can be spended a substantial
college life.

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  1. Hi Sakiko. I enjoyed reading your post very much. I'd love to see some of your photographs. Would you mind sharing some of your photographs with us? You can see some of my photos here:


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