Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My self introduction by Aya

My name is Aya. Let me tell

you about myself. I am studying nursing. I am interested in health and

Now, I want to be a school nurse keeping alive this knowledge. I like
children and I

volunteer in the children's hall twice a week. There are about 100

school students. First, I cannot input their names, but now I know all
of the

students names and character. I enjoyed this time to communicate them.

My hobbies are playing the piano and swimming. I have played piano for
16 years , and

swimming too. I like both very much.

I am from Kumamoto, and live in the center of it. It has many delicious
foods. For

example, Basashi which is horse meet, Ikinaridango which is Japanese
sweets made

of sweet potato and red bean paste , and Karashirenkon which is lotus
root covered in

karashi. They are very delicious local foods.

I visited Guam during the autumn vacation for 5 days with my friends. I

parasailing! I was surprised in this experience. I tried snorkel too. We
could see a lot

of fish in the sea. They are very colorful and had unique shapes.

Aya Okada

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  1. I'm very impressed about your volunteer. I think you will be a good nurse!
    I want to go to Guam, so I am interested in your experience. I want to do parasailing!
    I wish you will be fine.


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