Thursday, 10 January 2013

My self introduction by Reona

Hello, my name is Reona Sunasaka.  Let me introduce myself. One of my favorite things is to go abroad and see many new things. English is a good tool to communicate with people while visiting foreign countries. I don't think English is difficult compared to Japanese but I still have a lot to improve. I have homestayed three times now. The latest one was for three weeks. I also commuted to the local university during my stay.

I try to learn English everyday by listening music or watching YouTube video. I started listening to music sang with English when I was a high school student. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. Her songs are beautiful and also her pronunciation is easy to understand. What is interesting about listening to English songs is that I am only able to hear the words which I know. So if I study new words and improve my vocabulary skill, I find I can understand lyrics much better.

I sometimes try to read English books, too. Now I read Harry Potter in English. That is a very good idea because I really love this series and I read it in Japanese many times. So I can transfer the text instantly into Japanese in my head. I think this will help improving my vocabulary a lot.

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  1. Hi Reona. I enjoyed reading your self introduction. Where did you do your homestays? Which university did you attend overseas?


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