Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life of University of Tsukuba by Miyu.S

First, I belong to board of education in a student council. We are working in order to convey a student’s opinion to school. For example, if many students cannot study that there are too many requirement classes. We discusses and decides whether to be improvable this problem with personnel of university of Tsukuba. Second, I play softball every week. When I was junior high school student, I belonged to softball club for three years. Charm of a softball, it cannot win, if it does not play together. I always think that “one for all, all for one”. So, I participated in the sport day with my friends, we won the victory last year! I was very glad.  Third, I work at a part-time job. I work to Nishoku (dining room at area 2 in Tsukuba University) every Wednesday. Many people use Nishoku, so I can learn important things sometimes. For example, when visual impaired person used it, I didn’t understand what I should do. But I was taught my senior, “asking first of all, “Can anything do at me?” you only do what was said him.” I thought that it was right. So my life of University of Tsukuba is fantastic and learned for me.

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  1. Hi, Miyu!
    I know you work at Nisyoku!
    I will go to Nisyoku on Wednesday.
    Please come to my store that I work at.


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