Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My self introduction by Keiko

My name is Keiko. I will be your student this term. Let me tell you
about myself.
I am a third grades nursing major. Until last year, I studied nursing
for three years at a vocational school of nursing in Toyama Prefecture.
In this spring, I transferred to The University of Tsukuba as a junior
to study to become a school nurse or a public health nurse. So this year
is the first year for me as a university student.

I like sports. I especially like badminton, so I joined a badminton club.
I enjoy playing it 3 or 4 days a week. I made many friends through
badminton in Tsukuba and I enjoy campus life with these friends.

My weak points are dealing with machines and using English. I cannot use
machines well, for example, computers and smart phones. I am not good at
English, but it is not that I don't like English. I think that the weak
point in my English is poor experience using it. I know that I should
use computers, smart phones and English when I became a working member
of society. So I want to learn how to use a computer and have a good
command of English during the campus life.

Thus, I want to enjoy the campus life and approach my aim of the future

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  1. Hello, Keiko.
    I'm Haruka, a sophomore student in faculty of Agro-Biological Resources Sciences at Tsukuba University.
    I thought your self-introduction is quite well written.

    You said this is the first year to spend your university life in Tsukuba, did you find any interesting thing here, such as cafe, culture school?


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