Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My self introduction by Kanae

Hi, I'm Kanae. I will be your student this term. Let me tell about myself.
I have studied English (grammar, writing, listening, etc.) since I was a junior high school student. I took a TOEIC test twice this year. I am not satisfied with my TOEIC store. So I want to acquire advanced English skills in this class. I'm going to take a TOEIC test in March. To get a high score, I decided to study English very hard every day.

I like listening to music. My favorite kinds of music are Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, and Classical music. Perfume is my most favorite Japanese Pop artist. Their songs and performances are wonderful. I want you to watch their performances. They can be watched on You Tube.

Also, I'm interested in foreign culture. So I want to travel all over the world like you, and I'm interested in Japanese culture too. I sometimes visit traditional places and historical buildings. I like Asakusa the best. There are many Japanese restaurants. Famous foods in Asakusa are Ningyo-yaki, Tempura, Sushi, Motsu-ni, Monja and so on. I enjoy visiting Senso-ji temple and eating many foods in Asakusa.


  1. Hi,Kanae!
    I'm Yukie,you know me.

    I also like Perfume.
    Their performance is very exciting and beautiful.
    I want to go their concert with you next time.

    1. Hi, Yukie!
      Thank you for posting your comment!

      You also like Perfume?!
      I'm so happy to hear it!

  2. Hi, Kanae.
    I'm Chikako.
    I read your introduction.

    Where is your most favorite restaurant in Asakusa?
    I want to go to Asakusa.

    1. Hi, Chikako.
      Thank you posting your comment!

      I recommend you visiting "Tsukushi."
      If you visit there, you can eat a lot of delicious monja!

  3. Hi, Kanae.
    My name is Hitomi, nice to meet you!

    I like old temples and delicious Japanese food.
    Please tell me the food shop in Asakusa recommendations for you.

    1. Hi, Hitomi!
      Nice to meet you!

      If you like to eat Tempura, I recommend you visiting "Aoi maru shin."
      This restaurant's menu are not cheap. But they serve delicious Tempura at this restaurant!

  4. Hi, Kanae.
    I'm Midori.
    I don't know much about Perfume, so I want to watch their performance on You Tube.
    I have been to Asakusa once. I think Asakusa is a good place. I want to go there again.

    1. Hi, Midori!
      Thank you for posting your comment.

      I really want you to watch their performances!
      Their concert is sooooo exciting!

      I think Asakusa is a good place, too.
      And I hope you enjoy to visit Asakusa :)

  5. Hello, Kanae. My name is Yuriko.
    I also want to travel all over the world. Which countries have you ever visited? I have never visited any foreign countries, so I want to go to some foreign countries someday. For example, I want to go to Italy.

    1. Hi, Yuriko!
      Nice to meet you.

      I have been to Chicago and Guam. Someday, I want to go to France! To travel in France, I study French. But It is difficult for me to understand French...

  6. Hi, Kanae.
    I'm Moe.
    I take academic writing on Thursday.
    As I read your blog, I would like to go Asakusa and eat Ningyo-yaki.
    What Ningyo-yaki shop do you recommend?

    1. Hi, Moe!
      Nice to meet you.

      "Bai rin do" is my favorite Ningyo-yaki shop in Asakusa. You can eat the Ningyo-yaki while it's still fresh!


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