Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My winter vacation!

Hi! I'm Kaori.

I'll tell you about my winter vacation and three things I want to do
in my winter vacation.

First, drawing a New Year's card.
In recent years, we use e-mails, skype, and facebook, and so on.
These are very useful, not warm. I think.
So, I decide to send a New Year's card.
I asked my friend who study about design to design my card.
I like it very much:)
I' ll send my friend and teacher. I'm looking forward to posting and
being read by my precious person.

Second, shopping.
I like Happy bag, in Japanese "Fukubukuro".
We can buy this in New Year's Day.
We don't know contents, so I'm very excited!
I want to buy clothes Happy bag, hope good contents!

Third, eating.
There are many delicious food in Winter.
For example, rice cake, mikan, and sukiyaki.
I like rice cake, especially rice cake with soybean flour.
I long for eating rice cake.

I want to do these things.
But, I go to my part-time job aimost everyday.
I want to my free time.

Thank you for your reading!
Best wishes throughout the coming year.


  1. Hello, Kaori. I'm Mitsuki.
    You wrote you'll write new years card. Finally how many cards did you send?
    This year I write only 4 cards. So I was free, but it's a little sad.

    1. Hi,Mitsuki! Thanks your comment.

      I sent about 20 cards.
      I was happy to receive some cards from my precious person.

      I think that the person who received your card was very happy:D
      It is very important for us to convey our feelings.

  2. Hi, I'm Miharu.
    Your winter vacation sound fun!
    I like New Year's cards too. I want to see your design of New Year's cards.
    And I ate rice cake and sukiyaki too!
    I'm happy to know other family eat sukiyaki during New Year's.

    1. Hi, Miharu! Thanks your comment<3
      I'm happy to read your comment.
      My cards design is photo that I put on kimono.
      I want you to see my cards as opprtunity permits.

      It is wonderful to eat sukiyaki in winter!!!
      I eat too much in winter, so I gained weight;(

  3. Hi Kaori, I enjoyed reading your post. I would love to see your designs. My wife is a graphic designer. She designs cards and calendars.

  4. Hi, michael! Thanks you for your reading.
    I will give you my cards next time, maybe:)
    Oh,What a cool wife! I want to see her design works, too!


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