Saturday, 22 December 2012

About me by Hiroko Shimamura

Hello. My name is Hiroko Shimamura. I major in agro-biological
resource science.

My TOEFL ITP score on 11th,Feburary,2012 was 480. This 480 was the
total score. Listening comprehension was 43. Structure &Written
expression was 50. Reading comprehension was 51. I have not taken the
other TOEFL test yet. I like English. So I want to be good at English!

My hobby is listening to music and farming and so on. I belong to the
agriculture club. In this club, we cultivate various vegetables. For
example, we cultivate carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, Chinese
cabbages, shallots and so on. Eating vegetables that we make is very
good. I like listening to music. My favorite artists are Perfume,
Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Yuki and Aiko. Listening to music makes me
happy. Lately I listen to many Christmas songs! It is very fun. When I
was a junior high school student, I played the clarinet in the brass
band club. So I like music very much. Eating delicious foods is also
my favorite thing. I want to know good restaurants which serve
delicious and cheap dishes in Tsukuba and go there. I want to go to
the café in Tsukuba. I like cooking and eating foods with friends.
Playing various sports is my favorite thing too. 


  1. Hello, Hiroko.
    I am interested in agriculture, and I want to start a kitchen garden. I think you are informed methods of growing vegetables and flowers.
    So please tell me a kind of vegetables or flowers which are easy to grow.

  2. I like eating delicious foods, too!
    I want to have some lunches with you.
    And also I want to eat your handmade dishes♥

  3. hi Hiroko! I'm interested in agriculture too. Please tell me about your club.


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