Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My self introduction By Miki Y.

My name is Miki Yamada. I was born in Nagano in 1992. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I lived with them, my parents and a dog. The dog is a Shiba. He is very cute and I love him. When I go back to my home, he looks happy to see me. Now I live alone in my apartment in Tsukuba. So I feel lonely sometimes. 
I’m very happy when I am eating delicious food. While I have been in Tsukuba, I have made an apple pie, a tangerine tart, scones, chocolate chip cookies and so on. Recently I like to eat nabe with a kotatsu because it is getting colder and colder and it is easy to prepare nabe.
            I’m a member of the orchestra of the University of Tsukuba. I play the cello. We practice three times a week for the concerts we hold twice a year. I am busy because I am a member of the executive. I enjoy activities of the orchestra and exchanges with friends.

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Keiko H.

My life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful. I like the University of Tsukuba because there are many stores that we need to our daily life, and there are many department and many people. So I enjoy my campus life.There are many stores in our campus. For example, a bookstore, a post office, bakeries and dining rooms. So we can buy anything we want. I go to the bookstore when I want some technical books to use at the class, I go to the post office when I want to send a package or want to pay money into the account, and I go to bakery to have lunch. I often go to bakeries when I oversleep and I cannot make my lunch. So it is very convenient for me there are many stores in our campus. Thanks to these stores at the campus, we don’t have to go far off campus to get anything. In The University of Tsukuba, many people study and belong to clubs. There are many departments and clubs. In such surroundings, we can study our own major and other subjects. My major is nursing, but I’m interested in sports. So I take some classes at Physical Education department. These classes are interesting for me. I want to study more about and I become interested in sports medicine. Thus in this university, we can broaden our interests. Moreover I think that it is good for us to make friends with people who have another interests or thinking from their classes and clubs. I think that studying, thinking and feeling about many things benefit our future. I enjoy my campus life. I think that studying and making with friends here are wonderful. In these good surroundings I want to study hard, enjoy club activities and grow up as a good member of society.

My self introduction by Misaki Hoshi

My name is Misaki Hoshi. I am a second year student of Agrobiological Resource Sciences. I am interested in food problems and environmental problems. I was admitted to the University of Tsukuba in order to learn these things. I am from Fukushima. There is a lot of nature in Fukushima. We have much show in winter. So in the winter, people can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There are four people in my family. I have a younger sister. We get along very well. I often go shopping with her. I like shopping, so I go to Tokyo once in a while. I am in a member of the inline hockey club. This sport is new. It is difficult. We practices on Wednesday every week. My hobby is music. I like playing the piano or playing sax. However, I do not have an opportunity to play a musical instrument. If there is an opportunity, I would like to play a musical instrument very much. I am poor at English. However, I would like to get good at English. So I try my best.

My life at the University of Tsukuba changed me

          My life at the University of Tsukuba changed me. First, I live by myself for the first time. I do everything by myself, cooking, washing clothes, and other housework. I have depended on parents for almost everything when I had lived in my parents’ house. At first, it was hard for me to do everything, but I am used to most of it. Second, I made many new friends at the University of Tsukuba. They come from various areas and speak various dialects. I think Japan has various areas that I have not known yet. I belong to a baseball club, Junkoushikiyakyubu. This club has no baseball manager. We think training menu, tactics of game ourselves. As for my experience, I have never experienced that a baseball club have no manager. More and more I enjoy playing baseball. Third, I work part time for the first time in Tsukuba. I really think working and making money is hard. I understood moneys were precious once more. I learned courtesy and manners through my part time job. Chance to talk with people older than me is increased. Sometimes, I am scolded, but I enjoy working part time. My life at the University of Tsukuba had new thing and changed me.

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Honoka.S

      My school life at the University of Tsukuba is very monotonous. I’m in the Faculty of Comparative Culture and majoring in European Studies. Basically, after my lecture, I go home or go to my part-time job. Because I don’t belong to a circle and I don’t live in Tsukuba, I have nothing especially to do around the university. Since I take some time to go to university, I must get up early. When I have the first lecture of the day, I must get up at 6. It is very hard for me, especially in the cold winter. So, I’m often late for the lecture. In my free time, I often go to the library to prepare of the lecture. Among the university facilities, I make frequent use of the library. Before my graduation, I want to read a lot of books in the library. After school, as mentioned above, I usually return home immediately but sometimes I go shopping or chat over a cup of tea with my friends. I’m not familiar with the roads in Tsukuba. Because of that, I feel tense when I drive a different route. From now on, I want to remember the roads in Tsukuba that I don’t know, and enjoy my school life at the University of Tsukuba!

My Life at the University of Tsukuba is Wonderful by Takaaki H.

My life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful. I have two major reasons. First, I can study. I major in archeology at this university. I have been interested in archeology since I was a child. Now, I can study the knowledge or skill about archeology and I can excavate some sites. Therefore, I am very happy. I think that it is suitable for students to study. For example, this university has great libraries. They help me study. There are many museums and research institutions around the University of Tsukuba. Now, I work part-time at the Tsuchiura Archeological Museum. It is a good experience for me. Second, I made many friends. I got acquainted with many people since I entered this university. I belong to the Brass Band club and I have belonged to the campus festival executive committee. There are huge groups. In groups, I made many good friends. I often go out with them. I like to spend time with them. Recently, I have begun to participate in exchange activities with international students. I hope I make good friends there. I will make new friends in this university. That is why my life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful.

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Nanami

-->My life at the University of Tsukuba is uneventful. First, I major in psychology. I usually take classes in psychology. They are sometimes difficult for me, but always interesting. Second, I usually make lunch and dinner. I am poor at cooking, especially at cutting foods and seasoning, and I cannot make delicious dishes. I want to be good at cooking. Third, when I come home from school, I usually watch TV and YouTube, and just lie about. I usually watch music videos on YouTube. Another thing which I do at home is to drink hot drinks. I bought many teas and cocoas before, so I am happy that I can drink them. Fourth, on Tuesday and Friday, I have club activities. I teach kids and I talk with kids. I like kids very much, so it is very fun. Eating dinner with club members is also fun. Finally, about once a week, when I have spare time, I go to shopping centers by bicycle. I buy food, clothes, or CDs there. I also watch movies there. I usually go to Starbucks and drink coffee there. Selecting drinks which I have not drunk before is my latest pleasure. My life at the University of Tsukuba is uneventful, but I always enjoy it and I like it.

My Life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful by Aya O.

 My life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful for three reasons. First, nursing classes are very interesting. Last September, I went to the hospital attached to this university. There were many sick people. At first, I didn't know how I am communicate with patients, but later I was able to. Second, my part-time job is good. I work in a cram school. I teach junior high school students math and science three times a week. As high school entrance examination approaches, they study more seriously. Their examination will come soon! I want to them pass the examination. Third, I enjoy volunteerism. I work in a children’s house, which take care of children after school. We often enjoy playing Yuubinyasan. It is a popular jumping rope game among elementary school students. Two people turn the rope and sing a song, the others are jump the rope to the song. Someone who stay till the last is win. Some children enjoy folding paper. They create animals and flowers from a square paper. They are very cute and powerful, cute! I like children and communicate with a lot of people. So I enjoy my life at University of Tsukuba very much. I love it!

My life at Tsukuba university is wonderful By Kaori K.

          I really enjoy my school life, because of my friends, teachers and classes.
First of all, my friends. I belong to the department of Comparative Cultures. There are many female students in my college, so it is comfortable and fun. My friends are clever, kind and so lovely. I respect them. Also, I belong to the broadcasting circle. There are many students from various departments. For example, information science, cultural science, and engineering. I enjoy talking with them, and I get interested in new knowledge. Second, my teachers. I like the teachers in this university. I study journalism in this university. The teachers who teach journalism at this university are few. But, they are kind, reliable, and friendly. When I’m be in trouble, they always help me. Therefore, I will study harder. This is the least I can do to show my gratitude to them.Third, class. As I mentioned before, my major is journalism. However, I’m interested in many class. For instance, I’m interested in meteorology. In this university, I can study it. It’s wonderful! I take meteorology class now. It is very difficult, but interesting and exciting. I really enjoy studying. We can take various class. I think that it is good environment.Consequently, I love this university. My school life is supported by my friends, teachers and good environment. I want to enjoy my school life still more.

My life at Tsukuba by Kana

 I enjoy my life at Tsukuba. Tsukuba University is a big university, so it has many students. I could make many friends, not only nursing students but also other department students. I am a nursing student. Students of nursing are all gentle, energetic, and bright! I love all my classmates. The content of the class is difficult and I must study the various field of nursing. Though I am sometimes busy with an assignment and an examination, I must get over them to become a nurse in the future. I work part-time job now. Not only the Japanese but also people from all over the world and people with disabilities come to. I can meet with so many people. It’s a very rewarding job for me. I belong to the Tsukuba Field Hockey Club. There is training four times a week, practicing in the ground. To participate in the league in the spring and fall, I often have to go to Tokyo to play a game. My hockey team is badly short members. I hope that a lot of freshmen will join my team in April. I enjoy my life at Tsukuba very much. I’m glad to be able to make many nice friends.