Thursday, 24 January 2013

My life in Tsukuba by Miharu

My life changed dramatically after I entered Tsukuba University. First,
I live on my own now in Ichinoya dormitory. Until I became a university
student, I had been living with my family. We are a family of five. So I
sometimes feel a little lonely. I learned to cook breakfast and dinner
because there is cafeteria in Ichinoya dormitory. Last year, I cooked
various dishes, Oyako-don, yakiudon, onion soup, and so on. These are
all simple dishes, but I'm happy to expand my repertoire of cooking.
Second, I started a part time job at a convenience store near Ichinoya
dormitory. It was the first time that I had worked. I had a great
experience at there. But I quitted the job last year. Third, now I have
a lot of free time. Therefore I often spend time reading books. I like
the "Blue Backs" series published by Kodansha, a famous Japanese
publishing company. My life changed completely, but I enjoy my life in


  1. You have experiences many things here :)
    Oh, is there a cafeteria in Ichinoya? Where?
    I admire you because you have a Joshi-Ryoku because of cooking by yourself!!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I'm sorry but "There is cafeteria" is a mistake.
      I wanted to write "There is no cafeteria".

  2. I respect that you live only your own and cook many dishes because I now live with my family.
    I love to read books, but I don't read "Blue Backs". I want to read these series!


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