Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The wonderful life at the University of Tsukuba by Gumi

There are three reasons I love this university. First, the environment of our university is so attractive. There are farms, fields, parks, lakes, and forests!! We enjoy the seasonal plants. It is really comfortable to cycle around the campus filled with beautiful nature. Secondly, the fascinating point of our university is the freedom of life. Most of us live alone in Tsukuba and really close to each other, so it's convenient to  visit our friends easily. Almost all students spend less than ten minutes commuting, giving them more free time than students in other universities. In free time, we can do anything; club activities, part-time jobs and volunteer works. Finally, the best thing about this university is the system of studying. There are various majors which contain both arts and sciences in one campus. We have many friends in completely different majors and can stimulate each other. It is possible to take classes outside of our major so that we can get wide views. In my opinion, the length of one lecture is adequate for us. It's 75 minutes; shorter than most other universities. So we can keep our concentration on lectures without getting tired. Thus, the University of Tsukuba provides us with such opportunities to color our lives!!


  1. Hi Gumi!
    I'm Yukie.
    I very sympathize with three reasons you love this university.
    Especially,I love beautiful nature too.

  2. Hi, Gumi.
    I'm Moe.
    I like Tsukuba, because I take class outside our major, too.
    It is exciting to attend the class outside our major.


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