Thursday, 26 June 2014

My life at the Tsukuba by Shun T

My life at the University of Tsukuba is very satisfied and very busy. I belong to many groups, so I have many tasks and I have relationships with many people.
First, I have much assignments and I must prepare for foreign language lessons. I take lessons in Latin and Garman. In these classes, I read historical literatures. I spend much time to read Latin and German sentences, so I need much time to prepare for these lessons. Second, I do a part-time work on weekends because I don’t have enough money to live. My part time is over 15 hours in all. But my colleagues are so kind, so I don’t want to quit work.   
Other reason is that I belong to baseball team. When we go to games, we spend much time. For example, we usually go to Hachioji stadium, it takes 6~8 hours by round-trip. And we have league games on weekdays, so we are absent from our class on game’s day. But I like baseball very much, and I get rid of stress by playing baseball. In addition, we go to eat evening meal with my teammates after training. That is very fun.  

For these reasons, I’m very satisfied with my life. Though my life is very busy, I enjoy everything in my life. 

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