Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My best experimence by Kensuke H

My best experience is that I passed the University of Tsukuba. When I was a

 third year student in high school, I quit my club activity. My studying for the

examination of a university had been begun from that time. I wanted to enter the

University of Tsukuba at the time because Tsukuba is located in the Kanto region,

which is the center of economy, politics and culture in Japan. Another reason is that

Tsukuba has good natural surroundingsand the sound “Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi” which

means science city, is nice. I had weak points in mathematics and Japanese. So I had to

study them, but I didn’t do. I liked world history, so I studied only it. Therefore the

results of mathematics and Japanese were not improved but the results of world history

went up. In National Center Test for University Admissions, which is commonly

known as the “Center test”, I did well in world history, geography and English but

didn’t well in mathematics, Japanese, and biology. Compared with the borderline pass

of the University of Tsukuba, my score was very low. At the time, passing the

University of Tsukuba was difficult, but I thought that I could pass. The second

examination subject was world history, English and Japanese. I studied Japanese

especially enthusiastically. At the beginning of the second examination, I was so

nervous that my brain did not work. In a short while, I calmed down and was able to

solve questions smoothly. I thought that world history and English was almost perfect

and Japanese was so-so. A few days after, I graduated from high school. On March 9,

2013, which was the day that announces the results of tests, my examination number

“111091” was on the website. I passed the University of Tsukuba. I jumped for

joy. March 9, 2013 had become my best day of my life.For these, my best experience

is that I passed the University of Tsukuba.


  1. Hello,Kensuke. I'm Chiaki.
    Your writing is very constructive and easy to read! I was glad to enter this University ,too.
    May I ask you a question? Are you studying the world history at the University of Tsukuba? Please give me your response!
    Thank you.

  2. Hi,Kensuke!
    I too think it is marvelous, it is a real good thing for you.


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