Saturday, 21 June 2014

My life at university of Tsukuba by Hiroki.K.

My life at university of Tsukuba by Hiroki.K.

My life at university of Tsukuba is very fantastic. There are three reasons for

this. First, I find nice people in this university. I have many nice friends and excellent

professors. Nice friends are kind and interesting. I am happy to play, talk and study with

them. Excellent professors always tell me academic knowledge, thought, story, history,

and so on. I specialize philosophy at this university. What professors tell me make me

more wiser. Second, circle activity is very fine. When I joined in the circle, I began a

new hobby. It was painting pictures. Painting pictures is very fun, but it is difficult for

me to paint pictures well. Though I am not very good at to paint pictures, I like it. My

circle gives me places and chances to paint pictures as hobby. Finally, students’ dinig

hall is so good. I take pleasure in having lunch in students’ dinig hall. Dishes is very

good. For example, chines noodles, curry with rice, a bowl of rice, and so on. My

favorite lunch menu is chines noodles. It is inexpensive and delicious. It is most suitable

for students to eat at lunch time. For these reasons, I enjoy my life at university of


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