Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Worst Day in my Life by Chikako U

     I had a terrible experience that you couldn't imagine. When I was in elementary school and first grade, I joined in a graduation ceremony drill. In my elementary school, the students must bring their chairs when the graduation ceremony drill starts and carry them back when it was over. The drill went well, but an accident happened when it ended. The drill was over, so I carried my chair from itws site to my classroom. My chair was too big and heavy for me because I was only six years old then. I couldn't see my feet, and unfortunately, the floor was rough. Suddenly my visual field turned and I found myself crying. I stumbled over the uneven ground and cut my upper rip! The blood streamed from the rip and made a pool on the floor. I didn't feel pain at first, but I was crying in a loud voice. My friends who heard my cry astonished and called a school nurce immediately. I couldn't think properly and the memories has been blurred, but I remember that I was carried toa ahospital by her. I was often hurt when I was little but this is the most terrible one. I was given an anesthetic and the wound was sutured. Fortunnately, the surgery went well. A scar can't be seen now, I'm nineten years old. After the surgery, I was back to the school and took the lectures. This is my worst day, but only one thing was good. A good thing was a dessert of the school lunch, Yukimi-Daifuku. It gave my wound some pain but I didn't mind because it was only comfort for me. I will never have a worse day than this.

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  1. Hi, Chikako!
    Your experience was very very terrible!
    It was good for you that your surgery went well.


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