Saturday, 21 June 2014

Using the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment by Hiroki.K.

              In my opinion, all governments should enforce using the death penalty as a

form of criminal punishment for three reasons. Firstly , leaving criminals alive costs is

one of the burdens in the National Treasury. The National Treasury should have used for

good citizens rather than for criminals because the National Treasury is composed of

taxes and many people believe that our taxes are used for improving their life rather

than a climinal’s life. Second, if a criminal escapes from a prison, he or she may take

revenge against society. For example, a murderer escaped from a prison in 1936. After

this, He was imprisoned and escaped over and over. In 1946, he killed people again for

his profit. Although he was imprisoned again and was sentenced to the death penalty by    

the judge, he escaped again. In the end, he was dead from an illness not the death

penalty. I think he was an atrocious man. In short, he should have been executed for

murder. For avoiding this, a government should use the death penalty as a form of

criminal punishment. Most importantly, if a criminal is alive in a prison, his or her

colleagues may help him or her. This is one of the reasons of terrorism. A government

don’t permit an act of terrorism because terrorism injure many good citizens and

damage to society. For example, Japan Airlines Flight 472 was hijacked on September

28, 1977 and the terrorists demanded of the Japan Government to release their

colleagues. As a result, the Japan Government released their colleagues and they

continued an act of terrorism. I think this terrorism didn’t happen if the Japan

Government had not taken their colleagues alive. For these reasons, I believe that all

governments should admit the validity of using the death penalty as a form of criminal


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