Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My room in Oikoshi by Ayumi I

I am enjoying my University life in Tsukuba. I live in an accommodation called Oikoshi, but I am not satisfied with my room. There are two main reasons.First, my room is small and narrow for me. I have a lot of clothes and books. I want more space for a bookshelf and a wardrobe. Second, it is far from my room to the shared kitchen. There is not a shared kitchen in my floor, so I have to go to the second floor or second floor. It is a pain in the neck to carry cookware and foodstuffs. If I cook in my room with my IH cooker, I should go to the kitchen to wash dishes. Of course, there are good aspects in the Oikoshi accommodation life. For example, the scenery from the room is not bad, because there are many woods around the buildings. On the whole, however, I cannot be satisfied with my room. I am searching for an apartment. It is exciting. There are many rooms that seem to be comfortable but my budget is meager. I have to do a part-time job to make money. It is hard, but I'm working hard to move to a new house. I want to move out as soon as possible!

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