Sunday, 22 June 2014

My major by Mami K.

              According to popular opinion, it is no use to study literature. In fact, my parents tell me that studying literature is insignificant. In my opinion, however, studying literature is very important for human lives. I have two reasons. First, we can experience other’s lives by studying literature. Second, we can touch various views by studying literature.
              First, we can experience different lives in literary works in many stories. There are different heroes and they live in a variety of lives in literary works. We can live own life once in real world, but we can live various persons' lives and we can become a human ripe with experience. It is the same as studying various persons' lives to study literature.
              Second, we can touch a variety of views in literary works. The way of thinking changes with the period, country, and culture, and so on. We can know the world which other persons consider from the difference in an interpretation and we can develop our thinking. It is very important for us to broaden our knowledge and deepen our thinking.
              To conclude, it is important for us to study literature. Studying literature makes our lives rich. As the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Scientific System Research Center remarked in 2007, ”Literary researches aim at handing down literary works with future in richer forms, and going by analyzing the language work of art which is record of expression of feeling or thought in business of human beings, and interpreting the semantic content. Moreover, literary criticism research aims at the structural elucidation of literature nature and the establishment of the methodology of literary researches which literature (work) has. ”
Zinnbunngakubunnya no kennkyuudoukou Wagakuni ni okeru gakuzyutsukennkyuu no doukou ni tsuite
The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Scientific System Research Center Sep.2007


  1. Hello! I am Kana. I really enjoyed reading your essay. I think so, too. By the way, for example, what literary works did you experience different lives?

  2. Thank you your comment, Kana! When I read novels whose character is absorbed in sports, I enjoy sports together. In reality, I do not play sports at all. So I experience different lives while I read novels.


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