Sunday, 1 June 2014

My worst experience by Mami K

        This month, I had the worst experience in my life. On the first of May, the University of Tsukuba Symphonic Band, which I belong to, held a concert at University Hall to welcome and invite new students. So, first I went to Ichinoya Dormitory to welcome new students and after I left for University Hall. When I arrived at University Hall, I found that my smart phone had vanished. I wanted to look for my smart phone. However, I had to perform and I had no time to look for it. I played the clarinet, I was filled with anxiety. To be honest, I was not able to concentrate on my performance. I managed to finish the concert, I returned the way that I came and looked for my smart phone. Since it was late at night, the road was very dark, so I could not look for my smart phone. I was very depressed and puzzled. I thought that if my smart phone was not found, I had to buy new one. I had no money and I could not afford to buy a new smart phone. I borrowed a cellular phone from a friend of mine and called my parents. I was scolded by my parents. So I decided to find out when the day broke. The next day, I got up early and went out to search for my smart phone. I looked along the way that I passed the day before and I visited five support rooms that support student’s life. However, my smart phone was not found. I came close to giving up. Finally, I found my smart phone at the sixth support room. I felt relieved. Probably, this experience will be the worst experience of my life.


  1. Hello, Mami. I'm Atori. I read your worst experience and thought how serious problem that is to lose a smart phone. Anyway, it's good that you have found your smart phone finally.^^

  2. Thank you your comment, Atori! Please take care not to lose your smart phone.

  3. Hi, Mami. This is Chiemi.
    I feel so bad that you were so anxious for a long time. Living in Tsukuba without a smart phone seems to be a really hard time. I had a similar experience, so I can relate to yours.


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