Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My worst experience by Ayumi I


 Ayumi Ikarashi

My worst experience

One day in summer, my family went to a beach by car. My sister and I were elementary school students. We took our pet dog ‘Milk’ too. She loves driving and she was frolicking in the car. After arriving at the beach, my mother took off Milk’s lead because there was no one on the beach. Milk ran toward the large sandy beach. We enjoyed looking for seashells, playing with the sand and playing on the waves washing against the shore because it was a little early to swim in the sea. Milk was running around happily all the while. When the evening came, we started preparing to leave. We put our baggage all together and load our car with them. Then my father said ‘where is Milk?’ We called her name, but she didn’t show up. My mother went looking for her from the parking space to the shore. After a while, she came back with Milk. However there was something strange about them. We noticed the reason soon. Milk was giving off a nasty smell. My mother said ‘there is carcass of a dog there. Milk was rubbing that on her own body.’ We gave our dog a ride in the car reluctantly. My sister and I got into the back seat with Milk. My father made the car start slowly. The car was filled with the bad smell. It was terrible. I felt like throwing up. Then I opened the door and rushed out of the car, though the car was moving. I couldn’t stand the awful smell. I struggled to breathe the fresh air. When I controlled my breathing, my father and mother got down from the car and shouted. ‘Do you want to be run over?’ I replied ‘The smell is too bad. I thought I would die.’ Finally, we put our dog in the trunk of the car. We went back home with all the windows open because there was still the smell left. This is my worst experience.


  1. Hi, Ayumi!
    Your essay was funny and easy to imagine the situation.
    Though it couldn't be helped, I think Milk was guilty!

  2. Hello, I'm Satomi.
    Your experience seems bad, but it was very good that Milk lived. I love dog. They are very smart and cute.


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