Thursday, 26 June 2014

The best experiment of my life by Shun T

 When I was last grade in high school, I pitched a practice game. The game was most excited in my life. In the game, I pitched 6 innings. Surprisingly, I did not lose point, and struck many batters out. At this game, I could pitch for the first time in my last grade in high school.
              We went to expedition for this practice game. We have two games in the day. The first game, the team humiliated us. So they maybe looked down on us, and substitute came out. When I started in the second game as pitcher, I was very excited because I wanted to put out the team.   
I feel my pitching was so good. So I was very glad to pitch the game despite losing the game because the opponent team was so powerful enemy. The team often participates in the national tournament, so my result was completely satisfactory for me. I pitched to the best of my power in this game.
              I could pitch for the first time in my last grade in high school. Until this game, I was not confident to pitch. So I thought my pitching skill was enough to play any other teams.        
              That I could pitch the game was so pleasant because I couldn’t pitch for prolonged period because I injured my elbow. My doctor said “you can’t pitch for long time, maybe one or two years”. But I could pitch and I gave good result.      

For these reasons, the game was most good experience for me. Since the day, I started in many games as pitcher, and I became “Ace”. So this game made me Ace and my pitching good. This is my best memory in my life.  

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