Thursday, 12 June 2014

Assignment2 My Worst Experience

Yuki Kubota


Assignment2-2 My Worst Experience


My worst experience I’ve ever had throughout my whole entire lifetime, was doing a part time job called “Sieki”. Sieki has a similar meaning to enslavement in our equestrian community. I have joined in the University of Tsukuba Equestrian club and my club needs a large amount of money to raise our horses, but our university doesn’t provide us with enough money. Hence, our club members need to join in part time jobs to maintain our club. We do many kinds of work. For example, work at the stable, help Miho’s training center which is where we will be provided with our racehorses, harvesting fruit tomatoes and so on.Most of our works are related to horses, but we sometimes also do works unrelated to horses. In addition, we don’t get the avenue of our labor. All of our avenues are used to maintain our club and our horses. Furthermore, almost all works related to equestrian are cumbersome. Sieki I mentioned above is a good example. Simply put, Sieki is an unavoidable burden that is put upon us. We are forced to work like slaves, where everyone is pushed into a coal freight, carrying either a heavy bar or some obstacle. As soon as we get off the freights, dreadful works and merciless slave owners will be waiting upon us. The moment our movements become dull, those brutal rulers will yell at us. Sieki almost always starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. The first time I did Sieki, I started working at 4 a.m. and continued without even a single rest for 10 hours in total. Lunch break only lasts for 30 minutes, and of course, without any doubt, we resume our works once again as soon as the minute hand hits it 30th count, and continue in silence until 11 p.m. I did all this for nothing. I or we couldn’t get even a single coin after doing all these works, with our shirts soaked in sweats. This indeed is my worst experience in my life.

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  1. Hi,Yuki.
    I amazed at your worst experience!
    If I were you, I wanted to quit equestrian club.
    I cheer for you.


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