Friday, 21 December 2012

About me by Ryousuke

I lived in U.K. when I was 2 to 3 years old. However, I was too young, and the period I lived there was too short to be able to speak or understand English.

I passed the EIKEN test 5th grade when I was 11 years old. It is the only EIKEN test I passed. I have not taken the EIKEN test since I was 11 years old. I took the TOEFL ITP test for the first time last year. This was the second time for me to take an examination that tested my English skills since the EIKEN test. The score was 480. I don't know about the allotment of points, but I only know it was not a good score. When I was a high school student, I was not a good English speaker. However, I studied English as hard as possible to enter this university. So, my English ability was as good as ordinary high school students, I think, so that I could have been accepted by the university.
Chances to take English lessons in this university are not as much as chances in my high school, so I think I have to study English harder. I started to study an English wordbook for the TOEIC test just the other day.I will keep studying the book to develop my English ability.


  1. Hi Ryousuke. You lived in the U.K. Wow! Can you remember anything about it? Maybe not. I can't remember anything from when I was 2 years old. Will you ever go back to the U.K. to visit?

  2. Hi,Michael.I'm sorry,I do not remember about my life in the U.K. at all. I have no plan to got to back the U.K. so far, but I want to go abroad someday.Have you been to foreign countries except Japan? If you have been, please tell me a country that you recommend visiting.


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