Saturday, 22 December 2012

Self introduction by Mizuki

My name is Mizuki.
I major in agriculture.
I have studied English for 7 years. I was not a good student, so I can't speak, read  and write English well. However I like English and want to speak fluently. This summer, I went to Thailand to learn about Thai agriculture and talked to Thai students. They are better at speaking English than me, and surprisingly they can speak Japanese a little too though they have learned it only 3 or 4 years. I felt sad and thought why can't I speak English well though I have studied it more than 7 years! This is the reason why I want to be good at English. 
My hobby is doing scuba diving. I belong to the scuba diving club of Tsukuba University. We go to a lot of places, for example Miyakejima-island, Okinawa, to dive during every long vacation except winter one. 
I like playing musical instruments, too. I had learned piano for 14 years, violin for 6 years, and had played clarinet, trumpet and contrabass some years. Now I don't play anything becouse the diving club and part time job are busy. Someday, I will learn music again surely.

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  1. Hi.I'm Hiroko.The scuba diving club sounds good!I want to do scuba diving.I think you are musician:)


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