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Why is nurse turnover high by Eimi

     Nurse turnover rate is high."Nurse potential” is estimated to be around 600 000 people."Nurse potential" is people who are not working but is qualified nurse. And practical nurse people  are 167,000, the assistant nurse people are 166,000.In my opinion there are four reasons why so many people of nurse potential.

     The first is young nurse often they notice that nurse job is not suitable to them. Nursing job is very busy. So in first year and next year when they started jobs, turnover rate is high. Over 10% of nurses will retire in less than a year. In general companies, the new employees often quits their jobs within three years from they hired.

     The second is most important reason. Nurse is a high rate of woman working. Therefore in Japan, child care is still woman's job. So many woman is quit the nurse for childbirth and child care. Although many woman don’t returned to nursing job after finished childbirth and child care. There are tow reasons. One is that a nurse's work is long. Overtime and night shift is a significant burden for mothers with children. The other is the anxious from blank. Because of the anxiety in contact with the patient in a state that fully exhausted both physically and mentally, that would cause medical errors, they will staff turnover. Medical errors lead to death. They were afraid that trouble.

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Nazenara kankoshi no kyūryō ga hikuikaradesu.
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     The three, because Did you mean: 看護師 の給料が低いからでsalary of nurses have very low for its severe work. People think that the salary of nurses is very expensive.  Nurse even if it is always said that labor shortage, the average annual income has declined year by year. Many of the medical institutions has deteriorated in terms of management.  But nurses are lacking. This is one of the factors that have a high turnover of nurses.

     And last reason is human relation. The hospital is close to death. So peoples who both of patients and health care provider are very nervous. Interaction with colleagues, doctors and patients and a trivial mistake will be a burden to some people. In fact, the case that led to psychosis aware of the relationship has been reported.
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Karera ga fukushoku shi yasui kankyō-dzukuri o suru.
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 Conclusion, in order to down of the turnover of turnover, Did you mean: 彼らが 復職しやすい環境to create an environment in which they is easy to return to work. For example it is the solution to hold a study session and to make a child-care facility.

Hospitals should improve working conditions by Keiko H.

               Japan is an aging society now, so we need enriched medical treatment and welfare for aged people, but now, many hospitals are in trouble because of a lack of nurses. In my opinion, hospitals have to improve or change working conditions. There are reasons for this. First, nurses are forced to do extremely hard work, and some even die from overwork. Secondly, many nurses quit their job at the hospital because of marriage, pregnancy and in order to care for aging parents.
First, nurses are working under too exacting terms. For example, at night time only about two or three nurses care for about forty or fifty patients. Sometimes they cannot take a nap. According to an investigation by the Japanese Nursing Association, one in twenty three nurses works are at risk of working themselves to death and many nurses worry about exhaustion. In such conditions, medical errors may be made by tired nurses.
              Secondly, many nurses quit their job when they marry, become pregnant or when their parents need care. According to the Japanese Nursing Association, a main factor in an increase of nurses who don’t work is such problems.
To conclude, hospitals have to make safe and comfortable conditions and surroundings for nurses. Now in Japan, we can easily expect that medical treatment and welfare will become more important for an aging society. I think that if many hospitals continue these working conditions, nurses cannot keep on working at hospitals.

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Japanese media should be open and transparent by Kaori K.

             In our time, we tend to be perplexed. Today, there is a surfeit of information about the ways of the world. So, we have to choose reliable information by ourselves. We usually use the internet, television and radio to get information. SNS is growing quickly. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are very popular. Journalism, what the reporting by media in general is called, is a way of getting reliable information for us. Now, confidence in journalism has declined in Japan. After the big earthquake came in 2011, Japanese people became less reliant   Japanese media agencies. In my opinion, Japanese journalism should be open and transparent, and should report unbiased facts. There are two main reasons for this. First, the Japanese media is closed and unfair. Second, people have the right to know, so journalism must report unbiased facts.
              First, Japanese journalism is famous for the “closed media” in the world.
There is the “Kisha club” in Japanese journalism. Reporters without Borders, RWB, pointed out the danger of the “Kisha club”. The “Kisha club” is a Japanese news gathering association.  They belong to national papers or national televisionstations. They tend to write same articles, they don’t have diversity. Freelance journalists can’t join this organization. Press conferences in Japan are mostly sponsored by the “Kisha club”.  Freelance journalists and foreign journalists can’t attend press conferences sponsored by the “Kisha club”, so they can’t get information from the press conferences. Some freelance journalists  have claimed this is unfair. Japanese journalism is homogeneous. It is not good for people. According to an article entitled, “EU acts to free Japanese media”on the Web site of newspaper, guardians, The European Union's warnings of mad cow disease were not reported until the first case was revealed in September 2001. Also, EU is afraid of foreign journalists can’t join the press conference in Japan. Many countries are worried about Japanese media and journalism.
              Second, Japanese journalist should report unbiased facts. In 2011, the big earthquake occurred in the east of Japan. The nuclear electric power generation plant in Fukushima was destroyed, and the meltdown happened. This was serious, Japanese people were in the dangerous situation. At that time, the Japanese government and media didn’t talk about and report the meltdown. Only one journalist reported that the meltdown happened.  The foreign media said that meltdown may happen, too. Only the Japanese media didn’t report about it. Finally, Japanese government and media admitted the reality that meltdown happened after earthquake occurred soon. According to an article entitled, “Meltdown happened 3.11,2011 on the Web site of the Yomiuri Online, Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, guessed by the data, meltdown happened 3.11,2011. Japanese people were tricked by the Japanese government and media. Although, the aim of journalism is tell unbiased facts to people, the Japanese journalism don’t do. Journalism is not the business, it is justice.
              To conclude, Japanese journalism must change. Japanese journalism must be open and transparent. Freelance and foreign journalists should be able to research and report as journalists in the “Kisha club”. Japanese journalism must be a champion of justice.

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Being a school nurse is a big challenge! by Aya O

I belong to nursing department. We are able to obtain a license as a nurse, hygienist, and a school nurse. In our department, what a lot of people in after is nurse. But I want to be a school nurse. Although it is a position in school nurse, it may be able to be called the manager who manages the health of students. Since a school nurse does not have charge, she does not belong to what grade, either. Instead, she performs all student’s health care. When the symptoms of epidemic illnesses such as a influenza develop, The management in consulted with and it decides whether to make into cancellation of year classes or to make a school a school holiday. In my opinion, school nurse is wonderful work, but has problems.
First, although this is a problem truly for me, the examination for becoming a school nurse is difficult. It is very highly competitive. Surprisingly, the examination is disadvantageous in case of a nursing part graduate! Since most is from the department of education, the teacher who is working now want to employ the student of a department-of-education graduate. It seems in the lesson of the nursing part we do not learning about education. I am very sad to hear that. In addition to the lesson of nursing, we are learning also about education. I want teachers to know it. And I want you to evaluate equally without judging in a graduate faculty.

Second, the number of school nurse is small. Mostly, school nurse in one person to one school. Then, it is impossible to see all students. For example, if a school trip is accompanied, it cannot respond to the student who is present in school. If the nurse's office is left on business, nobody will being. Then, it is dangerous. in school, bullying has been a serious problem now. There are many children who commit suicide owing to bullying. The school nurse has to find promptly the child who is in such a situation, and has to correspond. The school nurse always needs to observe children. When children visit to the nurse’s office, she can see the situation and talk with them. Therefore, school nurse needs to make it two or more arrangement. It will be more safe.
To conclude, all students are unmanageable if there are few school nurses. Therefore, school nurse needs to make it two or more arrangement. Therefore, school nurse needs to make it two or more arrangement. And I want you to evaluate equally without judging in a graduate faculty.

Introverts are as good as extroverts. by Nanami

              Personality is divided into two types, extroverted personalities and introvert personalities. Generally speaking, extroverts are sociable people. People tend to think that extroverts are superior to introverts, and they prefer extroverts to introverts. People also tend to think that introverts are inferior people. In my opinion, it is incorrect to believe that extroverts are superior to introverts. There are two main reasons for this. First, the difference between extroverts and introverts is the difference in what interests them. Second, introverts have some strong points which extroverts don’t have.
              First, the difference between extroverts and introverts is the difference in the direction of their interest. Jung says, “extroverts are characterized by an outward flowing of personal energy (libido)—an interest in events, in people and things, a relationship with them, and a dependence on them”, and “introverts are characterized by an inward flowing of personal energy—a withdrawal concentrating on subjective factors” (Karen, 2009)[i]. Extroverts tend to be looked on favorably because they express themselves and appeal to the environment. In contrast, since introverts don’t express themselves, people are apt to look on introverts as passive people.
              Second, introverts have some strong points. According to Shibuya & Onodera (2006), Jung says that some of the characteristics of introverts are the capacity to analyze theoretically and the capacity to control their mind[ii]. These characteristics are the strong points of introverts which extroverts don’t have. Introverts are superior to extroverts in some points.
              To conclude, introverts are not inferior to extroverts. Introverts tend to be looked on negatively because they don’t assert themselves, and extroverts tend to be looked on favorably because they express themselves. One the other hand, introverts have some good characteristics which extroverts don’t have. The characteristics of introverts are not always inferior to that of extroverts, but sometimes the characteristics of introverts are superior to that of extroverts. Introverts are as good as extroverts.

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[ii] Shibuya, S. & Onodera, A. (2006). Te ni toru youni shinrigaku ga wakaru hon. Kanki Shuppan.

Truants should not necessarily have to go to school. by Miki

             In Japan, the problem of truancy has been pointed out since the 1950s when compulsory education began. The causes of truancy are various, for example bullying, a dislike for studying, and lack place to stay at school. Some people say that truants are idle and that they should go to school. In my opinion, if truants really don’t want to go to school, they should not necessarily have to go to school. There are two main reasons for this. First, truants need to rest. Second, we have to protect truants from committing suicide.
              First, truants need to rest. They are tired because they don’t want to go to school but think they have to go to school. It is important not to make childlen who feel uneasiness and fear strongly keep up[]. They have to have a rest at home which they can feel easy.
              Second, we have to protect truants from committing suicide. Recently, I have heard the news that students who were bullied or inflicted physical punishment committed suicide. If truants are suffering at school, we should not force them to go to school. Life is the most important because if you die, you can’t do anything.
              To conclude, if students don’t want to go to school, they should not necessarily have to go to school. They need to rest by leaving from school. We must not make them commit suicide. Children have their own pace and we respect their pace.