Saturday, 23 February 2013

We should not use nuclear energy by Aoi

In Japan, the continuation of nuclear power generation has been a big matter since 3.11.Japan has 54 energy power plants, and 22 of these are working now. It makes up 10% of the total energy in Japan. I think nuclear power generation should completely stop. I have 2 reasons why we should not use nuclear energy.

First; we have no confirmation that it is perfectly safe. Retired nuclear plant design engineer, Masashi Goto, said "When I think in the viewpoint of the engineer, it is impossible that nuclear power plants are totally safe." We never ensure that the fail-safe device of nuclear power plant always works accurately. In addition to danger of device, nuclear power plants are in danger of having a breakdown because of natural catastrophes such as earthquake or tsunami. Natural disaster has the potential to bring on atomic-power accident, and we cannot predict when it occurs. Nuclear accident at the Fukushima plant is an example of that.

 Second; it's not easy to dispose of nuclear waste. The final way to dispose of nuclear waste is not decided. Highly radioactive nuclear waste effects people health and the environment, and radioactive material diffuses. Some of radioactive materials have long half-life. The radioactive material results from radioactive decay which has the big atomic number. It takes a lot of time before becoming harmless. So we should bring radioactive materials to a place where there are no people. However, we can't find such place. I think that we should not use the things which we cannot treat.

We can see from the above that we should not use nuclear energy. First, nuclear energy has many risk factors. Second, we face difficulty in disposing of nuclear waste. We have no solution on these problems. So I think we should not use nuclear energy. I hope to stop all nuclear power plants. I hope to be promoted alternative sources of energy such as geothermal generation, hydro power, wind electricity, solar electric generation and so on.

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