Thursday, 21 February 2013

What kind of influence by digital book? by Natsumi

           In recent years, the users of digital books are increasing in number because of the spread of tablet PCs and smart phones. Furthermore, the National Diet Library of Japan is publishing the collection of digitized books and provide of the people due to the spread of digital books. Some public libraries introduced digital book terminals to promote reading habits. I think that this is a result of technical development for Japan. However I don’t agree with this situation. I have two reasons. First, I like reading books but the paper book is better than the same book digitized. Second, digital books are very expensive compared with paper books and many difficult process to read digital books.

I love paper books and many people same because we are used to read paper books from ancient times. We used paper textbooks for long time ago. Paper books are sold wholesaler and many traders through. But the digital books don’t through many traders. So What happens to the existing wholesaler? According to an essay, “For a printer, a digital book can be clearly called threat rather than an opportunity. If a digital book grows and extensive printing and sale of paper books are overdue, it will become impossible to offset huge and expensive printing cost.” Wholesalers have forced painful financial health. Many traders don’t necessary this business world.

digital books are more expensive than paper books. If you read paper books, you go to book store and buy the book. Now, you can read the book. But digital books have many processes to read. First you must get digital book terminal. This terminal is very expensive. Second you must set up terminal that you can read digital book. Third, you log in to a digital book sales page, and purchase a digital book. You can read a book for the first time here. According to an essay, “The digital book is the tool which the use has difficult if someone communications infrastructure and environment do not gather. If the book which should be offered to do intellect wealthily is provided in electronic edition in future, the layer that can’t touch the digital book can’t touch the information. It is concerned about in this way by the spread of digital books a new digital divide being born.”

Thus, there are various problems in the spread of digital books. The entry of the digital book industry including the influence on wholesaler and the problem of digital divide has various influences on the society and will change the way of our life. It is a very big problem that people cannot acquire equal information today when circulation of information is remarkable. It has the right for people to acquire information in common. Nevertheless, there must not be any situation where the amount of information acquired by the difference of wealth and poverty differs. In this way, I do not mean that it can be supposed to publish digital books just blindly. I will continue to be sought to publish in anticipation of the valid range to electronic.

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