Thursday, 21 February 2013

“We should digitize all books.” Do you agree or disagree? by Sakiko

    In the contemporary period, various things are digitized. Of course,
a book has been computerized, too. A digital book digitizes the
information on books or publications, and is the thing that can be read
on a screen electronic in substitution for a paper medium. In my opinion,
we shouldn't digitize all books. I have two reasons. The first reason
is that there are persons who can't use the digital thing in a world.
The second reason is that our eyes get more tired by reading a digital
book than a paper book.
    These days, electronic devices are being progressed. For example,
they are a mobile phone, a music player, an electrically‐powered car,
etc. Probably, it should be called the current of the times. Digitized
books are also beginning to be performed as the aftereffect. However,
everyone in the world cannot necessarily master an electronic device.
Particularly, an old man and the child cannot manage it. I This is
because they are not used to it. t is the same also with the digitized
     Moreover, an electronic device has bad influence on eyes. And there are
dry eye and focus freezing as a modern disease caused. And fatigue of
such an eye causes chronic failure of eyesight. It is mainly because
fatigue of eyes is sustained looking at what emits light like a screen
directly. Especially, read on a digitized book is sustained looking at
what emits light like a screen directly.
     Should we digitize all books? There are many persons who can't use a
digital book. And, digital books are also the cause which worsens eyes.
The reason that comes to have poor eyesight includes fatigue. Therefore
the screen electronic is a big cause to let you worsen eyes. For such
two reasons, we shouldn't digitize all books.

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