Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My life of the University of Tsukuba by kokko.

 I started to live alone for the first time since entering university. It was hard because I have to do all from my preparation to clean up. Also, when I'm alone at home, I will miss my parents sometimes, but it was only in the first time. I quickly got used to the University of Tsukuba, I also increased my friends, I was no longer lonely.
  The circle has been a member of the ZENDAIKAI, I served as the team leader this year. The ZENDAIKAI  is a recognized student organization at the University of Tsukuba. The group is composed of representatives from each College of vocational studies, we discuss various issues on campus. It is a policy to tackle the problem anything related to college life. I go to eat or go to play well with colleagues of that circle. I have been studying at the University primarily in the area of life chemistry. My life now is so much fun. I think it was by really good to come to Tsukuba.


  1. Hi, kokko! I read your post.
    My friend is member of ZENDAIKAI, too!
    You know my friends, meybe:)
    I want you to improve this university more and more. Good luck!

    1. Hi, Kaori! Thank you for reading my essay.
      I don't know your friends now, but I may understand your friend someday.
      I'll do my best to improve this University of Tsukuba.


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