Thursday, 7 February 2013

My worst experience By Kaori K.

          The worst experience of my life happened when I’m sixteen years old. I was high school students. I liked the teacher who taught us classic Japanese . He was very gentle and cool. His class was interesting to me. In junior high school, I hated Japanese classic. Since, it is very difficult and boring. I came to like classic Japanese after I met him. Thanks to him. Also, he is kind and funny out of the classroom. So, I respect him. He is loved by many students and other teacher. Moreover, he is a writer, too. While he teaches at high school as a teacher, he also writes and publishes books. On March, he told us that he had been transferred to other school. I was very disappointed at this news. It spoiled my appetite. I was very sad. My classmates looked very disappointed, too. I asked him why you must go other school. He told me that this school was very busy, so he couldn’t be satisfied with writing books. I understood, so I decided to support him. Looking back, it was not serious. In those days, it was a very bad happenings for me. That was my worst experience.


  1. It's so bad, but this experience was necessary to you in the life. There is the parting by all means. Cheer up!

    1. Thanks your comment:)
      I think so too!
      That was good experience for me.

  2. It is a really interesting story!!
    I know your feeling well!!
    Do you keep in touch with him?
    Do you know how he is going on these days?
    Have you ever read one of his books?

    1. Thanks your comment!
      I am very happy to read your comment.

      I have been kept in touch with him.
      I sent him new year's card in this year!

      Yes, I have read his books.
      He gave me some books. It is precious for me:)

  3. Hi, Kaori.I'm Miharu.
    Your classic Japanese teacher sounds very popular.
    Is he famous?

    1. Thanks your comment, Miharu!

      Hmm... I don't know how popular he is.
      He sometimes appears on TV program.
      Also, about 3years old,series of his articles was published in newspaper.


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