Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My essay about girls' comics by Miyu2

I belong to the college of Comparative Culture. This can learn many things to various genres in this course. So, I learn about girls’ comics! I love girls’ comics. I think that girls’ comic can also enjoy reading even if it grows up. I think this for two reasons. Anyone can experience which falls in love with the ideal partner and feel just like myself for a heroines’ acts that I cannot do it.
First, in Japan, an application was in fashion, called “The ideal boyfriend”. It can speak about anything and reply gently. Women are always looking for an ideal boyfriend. So, girls’ comics heroes are ideal! Because they are rich, clever, handsome etc…. They have fulfilled anyhow various conditions.
Second, many women don’t say themself mind. For example, if you are a mistake at work, the girls’ comic heroines will encourage you in a story. They do their best in love or work in comics. Girls’ comic heroine life and our life are very similar. But they will be going well with their business and love life. When the heroines are working hard and love, it makes me want to work hard and love too. So, not only a girl but a grown-up woman gets courage.
I think girls’ comic can also enjoy reading even if it has grown up. Because the girls’ comic is attractive for all women. Anyone can experience which fall in love with the ideal partner and get courage for heroines’ life. I will love and learn girls’ comic forever.

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  1. Hi. Miyu2!
    Your post is very interesting:)
    Although, I don't read girl's comic so much,
    I like girl's comic, too.
    I am sometimes disappointed at the reality.
    But, girl's comic doesn't failed to live up to us!


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