Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Life of Tsukuba by Miho.H

I have been living in Tsukuba univ. for two years. And I have believed
that "University of Tsukuba changes from a university to a fortress in
an emergency." There are some reasons why I think so. The campus of this
university is very large. Layout of buildings is too complex. There is
no freshman who doesn't lose his way during the first term. I think it
aims that enemy cannot invade quickly to the center of university.
I work part-time at lab-buildings in second area, there are many
stairs and breezeways, so it is almost a real fortress. Some building
don't have the first floor, and another building don't exist on the map.
I can't understand why they were placed so strange layout. I'm grad when
I find a new way and stair. It reminds me to adventures around my junior
high school when I was child.
It is difficult to live not to lose my way in University of Tsukuba,
but it is very exiting. I hope to know every passage around the
university, and prepare for the time when we fight the enemy.

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