Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Registering sites as World Heritage site should be stopped. by Takaaki

In recent years, many countries have tried to register own countries sites as World Heritages. The World Heritage sites is cultural and natural heritage that persons in the future inherit from persons in the past. In my opinion, many countries should not register sites as World Heritage site. There are two reasons for this. First, heritages not registered as the World Heritage site differ from heritages registered in the World Heritage. Second, the worth of site is lost by registering in the World Heritage.
              First, the sites registered as World Heritage sites become the focus of public attention. On the other hand, people tend not to be interested in the sites not registered as the World Heritage. That is, the difference of conservation and protection is caused between sites.
              Second, the worth of the place is lost by registering as World Heritage site. World Heritage sites are used by tourism. These are tourist attractions. People do not always would like to know the detail of sites. Visiting those sites is a bad effect for those places. Many tourists bring about garbage pollution, graffiti to monuments, and vandalism. The historic or aesthetic worth of sites is lost by tourism.
              In conclusion, registering sites as World Heritage sites should be stopped. The sites not registered as World Heritage sites are often ignored. The worth of the site is lost by tourism. That is why sites should not be registered as World Heritage sites.

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