Thursday, 21 February 2013

We should accept death with dignity as one of the terminal care. Do you agree or disagree? by Kokko

  The terminal care points at the nursing of a patient infected with terminal cancers. Terminal care is not nursing for the purpose of the prolongations of human life. It reduces the physical and mental pain of the patient. It aims at improving the quality of life (QOL). Thus, the medical measures choose the general measures including the mild medical care and mind medical care.
    A dignified death is different from the causing of the death of an ill person by withholding life-sustaining treatment. In Japan, the death with dignity means the death by the result that I refrained from prolongation of human life measures according to the intention of the person. If it is the cruel truth, there is the opinion that it is a kind of the love to keep on hiding it.
The person who is always thought about death has high QOL after having got sick.
On the contrary, it is necessary to image death from a cheerful house to reach calm good death. We should imagine the end of the life. We should convey the end of the life to the familiar person including the family.

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