Thursday, 21 February 2013

Genetically Modified Crops by Chikako

The entire population of the world is rapidly increasing now. In 2011, it was over 7 billion. It is said that it may reach 9.5 billion in 2050. To secure food for people all over the world, it is necessary to produce a lot of crops which have high productivity. Therefore, we think that genetically modified crops are significant now. They are improved crops by controlling genes. They have resistance to harmful insects and herbicides. However, my opinion is that we should not produce genetically modified crops. There are two reasons. One reason is genetically modified crops may affect the natural environment and destroy the ecosystem. Another reason is they have a possibility to threaten our health.
The crops could have a bad influence on the natural environment and the ecosystem. Pollen may carry induced gene of crops which have resistance to herbicide to weeds. As a result, weeds get resistance to herbicide and the natural environment may change. Crops which have resistance to harmful insects will disturb the ecosystem.
There is another risk for our health. Genetically modified crops may cause an allergy. Long-term effects of the crops have not been understood yet. We need further detailed research. We must ascertain that the crops are harmful to our health or not.
We are faced with the food problem caused by population explosion. Genetically modified crops are not the best solution to the problem. Their safety is not insured. It is necessary to research on the effects to the environment and our health in detail. We should produce the crops after their safety is entirely insured. In the present state of affairs, I think that we should not produce genetically modified crops.

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