Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Best Experience of My Life by Miki

The best experience of my life happened when I was a freshman at the University of Tsukuba. I went to Kobukuro’s concert for the first time. I began to listen to Kobukuro’s songs when I was a junior high school student. I listened to their music every day. I had wanted to go to their concert, but I couldn’t because their concert hadn’t ever been held where I could go by myself. I began to live in Tsukuba since I became a college student. Now I can go to Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa by train. I went to the Nippon Budoukan alone on that day. My seat was in the seventh row. I had never seen Kobukuro live. I was waiting for the concert to begin with excitement. About twenty minutes later, the concert began and Kobukuro appeared on the stage. I could see them clearly. Their songs and their singing voices were fantastic. Though I went alone, I could enjoy their live performance. I want to go to their concert again with someone who likes Kobukuro next time. I want to share this wonderful experience with someone. The best experience of my life was to go and listen to Kobukuro’s concert.

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