Thursday, 20 December 2012

Let me introduce myself by Gumi

This is Gumi.
I have studied English for eight years. One of my hobbies is to listen
to music by the Beatles, and I have been familiar with English songs for
about ten years.
I have corresponded to a friend in Sri Lanka for four years in English.
Last summer, I visited the Asian Rural Institute to do farming with
people from developing countries for one week. I used mostly English
I went to Melbourne, Australia for two weeks this March to study English.
It was a home stay program, and I commuted to the language learning
school named Cambridge International College. There, we couldn't speak
any language but English, so it was a really good experience to brush up
on my English skills. The host family was really kind and friendly. I
noticed that their English was Australian English, and the difference
was interesting.
In July, I went to Thailand for the program named International
Agricultural Training. We spoke English to communicate with Thai people,
and had lectures in English there.
I worked as a tutor of students from ASEAN from this September to
November. I helped their life in Tsukuba a little, and sometimes
translated lectures from Japanese to English.
Thus, I had opportunities to speak English. But still I can use only
basic English, and need more vocabulary. I want to use more complicated
phrases as well.


  1. Hello Gumi. I really enjoyed reading your post. Wow! You have done a lot of volunteer work, and you have found many opportunities to use your English skills. Well done! I have been to Melbourne. I liked it very much. I want to go back some day. If you want to start using more complicated English, I recommend you read, read, read! Read every day. Soon you will see that you can use more complex English, without any effort.

  2. Dear. Michael
    Thank you so much for your advice!! I will try to read English books every day. Actually, I have just finished reading an English book written by John Stott.I'd like to start reading a book written by Nicholas Sparks.

  3. Hi,Gumi.
    I respect your international activities. After I read your self introduction, I want to go abroad and study agriculture.
    I have a question. Where do you want to go if you have chance to go anywhere?


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