Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The best experience of my life by Kana

              The best experience of my life happened when I was 14 years old. A puppy came to my house as a 
 new member of my family. I went to the animal hospital to meet the puppy with my mother. He was a flap-eared dog and he had big eyes, but his ears became straight as he grew up. So now, his ears are straight! We named him “Charlie”. Charlie loves running, eating, shampoo and me. Of course I love him too. When I return to my home only once or twice a year, he always wags his tail and follows me. Charlie is a pleasure of my family.


  1. Hi,Kana. I read your blog. Charlie seems to be good man. I did not raise a dog. But,I raised hamsters. Did you raise other animals?

  2. Hi,Kana.
    I like dogs, too.I have no experience having pets, so I envy you.
    What is kind of dog is Charlie?

  3. I want to have a dog, so I envy you!
    I think your dog is very cute, I would like to see your dog!


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