Thursday, 21 February 2013

Is the information on the Internet correct? by Tomohiro

Now the internet is a utility for many people, but many people including me think that the internet's information may be incorrect.  Why do many people think that, while many people think the internet is important?  Is the information in the internet correct?  It cannot be said that the information is correct, because there are many documents whose writer is unknown in the internet.  Moreover, the information in the internet differs from books in terms of proofreading.  For example, when we write a report because of assignment, most of us use the internet in spite of the fact that it is impossible to quote this information.  Then, what do students gain from the internet?
According to CNET, "Wikipedia is about as good a source of accurate information as Britannica, the venerable standard-bearer of facts about the world around us, according to a study published this week in the journal Nature."(Terdiman, 2005)  This article indicates that the information in the internet may be correct.  Of course, as long as it has a proper author, these documents may be correct.  Writers of Wikipedia's documents are unknown, but its documents often have quotations.  I think that the correctness of Wikipedia is due to it.
Many people think that the information of a webpage that a news publishing company manages is correct.  I also think the information in the webpage may be correct, because a news publishing company's responsibility for information of itself is clear.  Exact information has exact author.
The information in the internet may be incorrect, if it has no clear author or no exact quotation.  After all it is no correct documents that the author doesn't have responsibility. Conversely, the information in the internet may be correct, if it has clear author or exact quotation.  In any case, two things, clear author and exact quotation, can be used as an indicator of the correctness of the information.

Daniel Terdiman.(December 15, 2005). Study: Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica.
Retrieved 9:47, February 7, 2013,

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  1. In the present age, information of a webpage is complicated.
    We mustn't believe all the information but I am apt to accept swallow the whole information.


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