Thursday, 21 February 2013


 Hello, my name is Tsuzuki Yumiko. I'm 20 years old.
 My parents are teachers. They work in the school for physically
 handicapped or mentally retarded children.
 Also, I have older brother. He is 22 and a student.
 I love my hometown much. So, I go back to hometown whenever I have a
 long vacation.
 I'm looking forward to going back to hometown during winter vacation.
 My hobby are playing the piano, watching movies, going to museums,
 watching plays and traveling.
 I have been playing the piano since I was 6 years old. I don't play so
 well, but I love the piano. I want to continue to do it in my lifetime.
 I like traveling, too. I have visited China, Korea, Hawaii, Singapore,
 France, Russia and so on. My best pleasure in trip is to visit World
 When I was high school student, I have learned in the world history.
 I liked it in all the subjects.
 I want to see works of art and historical buildings that I learned.
 Seeing all World Heritages is my target in my lifetime.
 The reason I like a travel is I can change my sense of values and know
my country. So, I decided to study    for one month in Canada.
 Studying abroad is a very big challenge for me, but I am exciting in it.
 Maybe I will be puzzled in many things in different country. However, I
 will obtain good experiences in Canada.
 I'm not so good at English.
 I want to be able to use English, so I would like to tackle a your
 lesson hard. I need your help well during the 3rd term.

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  1. Hi,Yumiko.I'm kokko.
    I don't go abroad, so I will go abroad.
    Please tell me your favorite country.


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