Saturday, 31 May 2014

My worst experience by Hiroki K


My worst experience

              I had a terrible experience last summer vacation. A big event was held on this

day from morning to evening in Tokyo. First, I woke up early in morning because I

wanted to get the first train from Tsukuba to Akihabara. After breakfast, I prepared for

this event and left my house for Tsukuba station. Next, I got the first train and arrived at

Akihabara station just as planned. Then, I changed to the Tokyo metro Hibiya line at

Akihabara and got off at Hattyoubori Station. I transfered to the Keiyou line at

Hattyoubori and went to the Shinkiba station. Next, I changed to the Rinkai line and got

off at the Kokusaitenzizyou Station. I walked about seven minutes and arrived at the

event site at 8:00 o’clock. Though the event would started at 10:00 o’clock, a large

number of people were at the front of gate and lined up in three rows. So, I joined the

rows and waited for the event to start. After about one hour passed, I needed to go to the

rest room. Then, I got away from the rows and ran around looking for a rest room.

Fortunately, I found a public toilet near the event site in a minute. Next, I ran into the

public toilet but a happening occurred in this toilet. When I entered one of the rest

rooms, my wallet dropped from my jeans pocket into dirty toilet pot. For a moment I

could not believe what happened but it was a matter of fact.  I picked my wallet from

toilet and washed it by using water and alcohol. I was shocked by the happening. After

this happening, I bought a new wallet. Then,  I packed my wallet in my bag rather than

packed in pocket. This is my worst experience in last the few years. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Worst Day Trip by Atori H

                When I was a child I had my worst experience. That day I took a day trip with my family. The place where we went was an elegant shop, which had a small pond. In this pond there was a large quantity of tadpoles. These tadpoles colored the pond totally black. First, due to the fact that I was a child and I had never seen such a lot of tadpoles, I was deeply interested in the tadpoles and looked into the pond. In this pond there was an ornament. I remember well that the ornament has the shape of a frog. Next, I was very excited and I tried to look at the tadpoles more. Then, I leaned forward across the pond with my hand on the ornament. I was sure that the ornament was fixed. Unfortunately, it was not fixed. So, the ornament slid from the base because of my weight. Finally, I fell into the pond which was filled with a large quantity of tadpoles. When I remember this moment it always give me the creeps. The street in front of this pond was crowded with tourists. I guess that the tourists were surprised and looked at me. I was pulled up from the pond by a tourist around me and my mind went blank. Then, my mother came running from the shop and confusedly asked me whether any tadpoles got into my mouth. Happily, they did not get into my mouth, but some of them got into my shoes with some water. I got wet and, of course, I could not enter the shop which was the purpose of this day trip. I was deeply ashamed of my action. When I see a tadpole pond, I always remember this experience. This was my worst experience.

My favorite place, the University of Tsukuba Library by Atori H

                I am at the University of Tsukuba and study comparative culture, especially Art. At the university I often go to the University of Tsukuba Library. When I have free time I always go there to finish an assignment. Because the University of Tsukuba Library has so many scientific books, newspapers and treatises and students can use a desk freely, I think the library is the best place to write a paper for class. I can concentrate on my tasks at the library and I recommend writing a paper there. Also the library is the best place to kill time for me. The library is, of course, a quiet place and I can be in deep thought and listen to my favorite songs with earphones. When I get tired of studying in class, I go to the library for a change. I like to read a book which deals with art or a collection of paintings. The only problem of the library is that because of its comfortableness, I sometimes have a snooze. So, I have to take care not to be late for class due to oversleep. Because of these good points of the University of Tsukuba Library, I enjoy my life at the University of Tsukuba.

My Worst Experience by Daigo S

This time, I will tell you about the worst experience in my life. When I was a second grade high school student, I went to a music venue to see a gig. At the gig, three bands performed and I had been really looking forward to seeing each of them. So I saw the first band at the center of the music venue, and I really enjoyed their playing. Next I saw the second band at the center of the music venue too , and I enjoyed their playing and raged out so hard. It was so fun, but I was getting tired. After that, the third band which I was looking forward to seeing the most came out. I raged out very very hard, so I was tired. Then they started playing my most favorite song, so I really got excited and went wild. Suddenly, my face was punched by someone who went wild too. I got sick because of that punch and tiredness. So I could not stand being at the center of the music venue. Finally I went backward, and sat down on the floor. I could not enjoy seeing my most favorite band satisfactorily. It was the worst experience in my life. 

My Life at the University of Tsukuba by Daigo S

My friends make my life at the University of Tsukuba exiting. First, I enjoy talking with friends on my interests. I love music, especially Heavy Metal music. When I was a high school student, I had few friends on my interest. So I could not talk about my interest in school. It was so boring. Now at the University of Tsukuba, I joined a light music club called the “Tsukuba Ongaku Kyokai (Tsukuba Music Association)” and have many friends on my interest. So I can enjoy talking about my interest now. My friends give me a lot of knowledge about my interest and I give my friends some knowledge too. It is very fun and useful for me. Second, I enjoy discussing with my college friends. In the University of Tsukuba, I study linguistics in the College of Humanities. I can discuss various problems about my studies with my friends. Discussing problems with my friends sometimes bothers me, but my friends give me a lot of knowledge about my studies. It is interesting for me and it makes me more eager for study.  I really enjoy my life in the University of Tsukuba because of my friends.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Splendid Student Life at the University of Tsukuba by Satomi S

   My life at the University of Tsukuba is very meaningful. I live in Mito, and I go to the university by train and bus. In the train, I usually gaze vacantly at the clouds, read books, or do homework. In the bus, I like to see Tsukuba’s beautiful scenery such as Mt. Tsukuba from the window. Every season’s scenery from the window changes beautifully. When I’m on my way home, I usually sleep because of physical fatigue. At the university, I attend class. I belong to the ‘human cultural studies’ group and I specialize in archaeology. The group is gradually divided into a detailed specialized field and becomes more interesting. I’m happy to talk with my friends who specialize in archaeology. I want to reveal life and the society of people in the prehistoric age by studying methods of manufacturing, circulation, and the usage of stone tools. However, the times, areas, and objects, which my friends are going to study are different even if they belong to the same specialty category ‘archaeology’. I receive stimulation by hearing their stories and can encourage myself to try to study hard. I have had to do a lot of homework and prepare for lessons since the beginning of this year. I have been very busy, but have sent fulfilling days. I’m happy to study what I have wanted to master. I spend very splendid days at the University of Tsukuba.

The most hurtful experience of my life by Chiaki K.

The worst experience of my life is when I cut my finger. In the third grade, my older sister in the fifth grade had a knife to use for arts and crafts class. On a Saturday, she showed it to me and then I began to play with it because I had hardly ever looked at a knife and I was interested in it. Its name was “Safe”, so I thought that the knife was safe. After a while, My hand slipped and unfortunately I cut the middle finger of my left hand. The cut was deeper than I had expected, so the blood ran copiously and my beige pants became dirty with blood. When my mother came home, she was angry at me because I played with a knife despite it being so dangerous to do that. In the evening, I was taken to the hospital by my parents. Before we arrived at the hospital, I was crying in the car because I was afraid of the hospital. While The doctor disinfected my cut with Isodine lotion, I cried too because of the pain. The next day, I was absent from school just to be on the safe side. The school lunch of that day was a rare dish, Sankaku Pizza (Triangle Pizza) and I couldn’t eat it, of course. Surprisingly, Sankaku Pizza was never served again in the school lunch until the day I graduated from the junior high school. So I’m very regretful even now. For a while after that day, I had to disinfect with Isodine lotion and I cried every time. As a result of this experience, I came to dislike to use a knife such as cutters or knives for cooking. In addition, I came to be more careful when I use a knife because I learned that knives are dangerous. This is the most hurtful experience of my life.


A fire disturbed my trip to Hong Kong by Ryo I.

One of my worst experiences occurred when I was traveling in Hong Kong. First, it was about 11 p.m., and I was about to sleep in the hotel room. Then, from the outside, I heard a loud sound. For a moment, I could not understand what the sound was. However, when I realized what it was, I got frightened – it was the sound of a fire alarm. Therefore, I went out of the hotel with some important things such as money and my passport. At that time, there were a lot of people and fire-engines around the hotel so I realized that the fire really occurred. Then, I felt relieved because I had a narrow escape. However, there was another problem – where could I sleep? If I had been in Japan, I could have spent the time somewhere outside. However, it was in Hong Kong so I had no courage to sleep outside. Moreover, unfortunately it started to rain heavily while I was at a loss about what to do. Thus, I hurried to find a place where I could sleep or rest, being drenched to the skin. After a ten-minute walk, I found the place. It was McDonald's. Of course, I wanted to avoid it, but I did not have enough money to use a normal hotel. Then, I ordered one hot coffee, sat at the corner of the store, and tried to sleep. However, I could not sleep at the time. This might be because I was frightened in the place where there were no Japanese. Finally, I could not sleep at all and I went back to my hotel in the morning after fire fighters finished extinguishing the fire. The above is one of my worst experiences, and I hope that such things never happen when I travel to Hong Kong next time.

What enriches my life at the University of Tsukuba by Ryo I.

  I enjoy my life at the University of Tsukuba by western philosophy, languages and reading books. First, studying western philosophy is really exciting. For example, I can learn a lot of things about morals by reading Discourse of Method, written in French, by Descartes. Furthermore, Justice written by Michael J. Sandel shows me what is important when you think about justice. Second, I enjoy studying some languages such as French, German and Classical Latin. This is because the more I can understand these languages, the more books I can read. For example, I am looking forward to reading the original French version of The Stranger written by Albert Camus, without dictionaries. Third, I am very happy to read various books on holidays. For example, I have read a new novel of Murakami Haruki recently. His story tells me how transient all happiness is in this world and so we should live as decently as possible. I also enjoy reading the classics such as Homer and Plato because they show me what is really important in life. In conclusion, I can say that western philosophy, languages and books enrich my life at the University of Tsukuba, and I hope that remains true for the rest of my university life.

My wonderful student life in Tsukuba by Chiaki K.

My student life at the University of Tsukuba is wonderful. First, I’m satisfied with the classes which I have selected. I can study what I want to, especially comparative literature and culture. I feel happy when I study them. Second, the University of Tsukuba has very big libraries. In particular, the central library has so many books. They are so interesting for me and they help me when I study by myself. So I like to go to the central library. Third, I like to do my club activity. I belong to an art club, Zugadan. I enjoy not only drawing but also sometimes going to art museums with members. And I can make friends besides that in the Comparative Culture Department. It is fun to talk with friends and I learn from talking with senior members about the fine arts, studying, the future and so on. I look forward to seeing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Finally, I have many friends. My friends are great people. They are interesting, kind and intelligent. Thanks to them, I can find new perspectives and I can learn many things every day. When I spend time with my friends, I don’t feel lonely about living alone. I live a good student life at the University of Tsukuba with interesting classes, good libraries and very nice friends.


My best day by Kana T.

 In my junior high school days, I took part in the West Kanto Wind Instrument Music Band Contest. That day was the happiest day of my life. When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to the brass band. I really wanted to enter a culture club because I don’t like to exercise. My school had no culture clubs except the brass band, so I entered the club. The brass band had few members, so each of us had to make an effort. We practiced everyday as hard as we could. We played musical instruments not only on weekdays but also on weekends. Our club adviser scolded us day after day, but we kept practicing hard. When I was a third-year student, we could win the regional tournament of the brass band competition at last. After that, we participated in the prefectural tournament of the wind instrument competition. Then, we got the gold prize at the tournament. This was the first time that we won the prefectural tournament. We felt very happy and kept practicing harder. On September 15, 2009, the musical instrument tournament in West Kanto was held. Of all participating bands, our performance order was first. We were really nervous. Before we started to perform, the adviser smiled at us. We saw that and were able to relax while performing. At that time, the hearts of the people of the brass band were one. After our performance, the teacher praised us for the performance for the first time. Then we took pictures. Everyone smiled happily. In the evening, I came home and my mother bought me a cake. That is my favorite food, so I was very happy. We couldn’t get the gold prize at the competition, but I didn’t care. I felt my effort for three years was repaid. I was even thinking of leaving the brass band club because I was scolded many times, but nevertheless I kept practicing hard. It was very hard, but I could gain happiness. I can’t forget the delight of the day.

My happy life in Tsukuba by Kana T.

              Last April, I came to Tsukuba. One year has passed since I came here to live. My life at the University of Tsukuba is very exciting. There are three reasons. First, getting new information is very interesting. We can study a lot of things and know something new. Since I was a junior high school student, I have liked to read Japanese classical literature. That’s why I came here to study it. Professors tell me what I didn’t know at all, so I am always surprised. For example, I attended classes about folklore, cultural anthropology and philosophy. At first, I wasn’t interested in those classes. However, I feel those studies are very interesting through the classes. Second, I live a full life by doing a club activity. I belong to a cheering party and cheer sports teams of the University of Tsukuba while playing the clarinet. We go to the games of many sports to cheer for players of our university. For example, we have been to the games of baseball, American football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer and so on. I enjoy playing the clarinet and watching games of many sports. Third, doing housework is delightful. I didn’t like doing housework until I lived by myself. I disliked cooking in particular. It was troublesome for me to do housework. One day, I baked a cake for my friend in celebration of her birthday. I had worried whether the cake had pleased her, but she was glad. I felt very happy at that time, and I got to like cooking. I also enjoy cooking with my friends and eating dishes at a home of one of our friends. Since I came to Tsukuba, I try to do something new. After this, I want to try many more things I have never experienced, because trying things I have never done is very exciting. 

The worst experience of my life by Chiemi A.

I had my worst experience a couple of years ago. When I was in high school, we had examinations every week instead of every semester. Our exam coverage was much less than other schools’ exam coverage. This means that if you study really hard, you are able to finish the test very quickly. Because of the short span between exams and the small exam coverage, the students began to get used to exams. Then, what happens when you get used to something? Yes, you will be less nervous, and feel relaxed. What will you do when you feel relaxed after you concentrate on your test, not having enough sleep studying hard the previous night? You doze off. That’s what we did. If that was all I did, it wouldn’t be the worst experience. The problem was that I was really sleepy, and in fact I fell into a sound sleep. I remember that I was exhausted after my English test, and started to doze off at my desk. I even dreamt a complex dream. Then I woke up by someone tapping on my shoulder. It was my close friend, and she was smirking at me. I was half asleep, and wondered why she seemed so happy. I asked her the reason, and to my surprise, she told me that I was talking in my sleep. She was sitting next to me, so I thought she was the only one to hear my strange talking. However, she shook her head and started asking people around me if they heard something strange during the exam. To my embarrassment, four people said that they heard strange sounds coming out of my mouth. Even worse, one of the people who heard me talking in my sleep was the examiner who watched over us. I was relieved that the examiner was not a teacher but a graduate who did it as a part time job, but I couldn’t help turning red. That was the day that I determined not to fall in a deep sleep in public places ever again.

A lot of new experiences by Akari T

              My life at the University of Tsukuba is full of things that I have experienced for the first time. For example, I started to live alone. When I lived with my family, I didn’t have my own room. So, not only did I start to live alone but also I had my own room for the first time. Living alone is busy. I must do clothes washing, cooking and cleaning my room. I must even submit official report when I’m moving. In addition, I enjoy to study about information culture which I couldn’t study when I was a high school student. I wrote reports for the first time. Classes are sometimes more difficult than high school, but professors talk about what is interesting to me. My university friends also talk about what is interesting to me. My university friends have a strong personality, so talking with them brings me a new way of thinking. Furthermore I experienced the difference of food culture for the first time. I very surprised that Tonkotsu noodles are minor and udon with tempura of burdock is not eaten because I lived in Fukuoka until graduation from high school. In addition, I started to work part-time job. Earning money is hard, but it is a very big experience. For the reasons stated above, my life at the University of Tsukuba is filled with a lot of new experiences.

Monday, 26 May 2014

My student life at the University of Tsukuba

        My student life at the University of Tsukuba is very exciting. I am a member of the Tsukuba Music Association. This is a student club of the university. This club has a lesson studio, practice music instruments for rock band mainly. I go to the studio and practice drums every day. I am a member of some bands and often practice some music but practice alone in the studio is the most exciting time in my school life now. Especially, when I feel bored or miserable in my school life and human relations, I go to the studio and play the drums to my heart’s content. I’m a member of the Folklore Lovers club too. This club performs South American music, for example, Andes or Bolivia. I play the zampoña, a pipe made of reeds or bamboo. This sounds husky and very warm. I’m a member of the small group in this Club. The members of it are best friends. Every day after practice, we eat out. I played at the spring periodical concert with those members on May 2014. That was very exciting. I’m a student of the department of comparative culture. I study western philosophy, the thoughts of Martin Heidegger. This is very hard to understand for me but debating about that in our class is very exciting. I’m a auditor of the architecture class in other departments. I study the history of houses in Japan and western countries and cultural assets of primitive houses around the world. I enjoy music and learning in this university very much.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Chiemi A.

              I spend most of my time in the dorms. It’s not that I like being indoors, but I realized that I can cut down the amount of money I use if I stay in my room. First, there’s the free network service provided by the university. You switch on the computer, log in, and you can surf the Internet to your heart’s content. Second, water and gas use is free. Actually it isn’t free, but after you pay the money in April, you don’t get charged for the amount you use. With this tiny amount of money, all faucets in the dorm, gas in the kitchen, and the toilets are available at any time. This means that you can cook something in the kitchen and clean up without worrying about spending extra money. Third, a free automatic heater is available in the winter. Every room has a heater by the window, and in a fixed time slot in a day, it gives you warmth. Thanks to the small room, it’s really cozy even without a foot warmer or an air conditioner. These are the reasons why I prefer staying in a small untidy room for a whole day instead of going somewhere else to play.

My student life at University of Tsukuba by Takehiro N.

   My student life at the University of Tsukuba is exciting. There are two reasons that I’m excited. The first reason is the club activities. I belong to the Track and Field Lover’s Association and throw the javelin. There are very strong athletes of the javelin throw in the Track and Field Lover’s Association and the track and field club. This thing is very joyful for me. My high school life of the track and field is not satisfied for me. There were not the coach of the javelin throw and strong player in my high school’s track and field club. So I’m glad that there are good models of the javelin throw in the University of Tsukuba. The second reason is that the view of the University of Tsukuba is very beautiful. My hobby is jogging. When I went jogging to the University of Tsukuba for the first time, I’m very surprised at the beautiful view of the University of Tsukuba. The road lined with trees and the lawn are very fine. I enjoyed running after entering the University of Tsukuba. Jogging at the University of Tsukuba is very pleasant and exciting. I think that I’m glad to enter the University of Tsukuba. My life at Tsukuba is wonderful.                    

Saturday, 24 May 2014

My worst experience in my life at Tsukuba by Rintaro Motomatsu

The worst experience in my life at Tsukuba happened last summer. It was in the middle of July and I practiced basketball at the Tsukuba Basketball Society. Because it was a cool day and was suitable for playing basketball, our five on five games got heated. First I marked Mr. Okinaka, who had been chosen as a player in the All-Kumamoto Prefecture team on the National Sports Festival and who played basketball much better than me. When he tried to penetrate to my goal, I could barely follow him. Next he jumped toward my goal to score so I also jumped to block his shot. Then we crashed hard in the air, of course it was my foul, but regardless of my foul, his shot passed through my goal, or he made basket count one throw! To make matters worse, when I landed, I seriously twisted my left ankle. I felt great pain, and I fell down. Due to the great pain, I couldn’t walk, not even stand up by myself. I was really ashamed that I was made basket count one throw by Mr.Okinaka,  despite my rough foul. Finally it took two month to recover from my sprain. Because of that, I couldn’t play basketball all summer vacation, and couldn’t participate in the training camp of the basketball society. Moreover I couldn’t swim in the sea, couldn’t climb mountains and couldn’t make a long trip in Japan. In brief I couldn’t carry out most of what I wanted to do during my summer vacation. My summer vacation became ruined owing to my stupid act. As I have said, last summer I had the worst experience in my life at Tsukuba.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My life of University of Tsukuba is excellent by Urara M

  My life of university Tsukuba is very exciting. I have three reasons. First, I can meet friends who come from every place in Japan or abroad. They have different backgrounds, and different views. For example, one of my friends belong to same grade comes from Sapporo, and he is 28 years old now. Because he was working for the company, after he graduated from Hokkaido University. He is a very wise person and good at talking. So, I can very enjoy talk with my friends in this university. Second, cafeterias of university of Tsukuba are very substantial. Their prices are cheap and the food tastes excellent. For example, “kobutadon” at area 3 cafeteria is one of my favorite lunch menu. And more, the menu`s variation is various like “higawari teisyoku”. Though, if I eat lunch at cafeteria every day, I will not get bored. Third, Tsukuba city is located in country. This university is visible to a forest instead of a school. Nature heals my tiredness by hard days. There are a lot of plans and animals alive. Surprisingly, I encountered wild Tanuki at area 2 last month. The nature of this university gives me many supplies and discovery every day. Therefore, my life of university of Tsukuba is very exciting and I enjoy my campus life.