Sunday, 25 May 2014

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Chiemi A.

              I spend most of my time in the dorms. It’s not that I like being indoors, but I realized that I can cut down the amount of money I use if I stay in my room. First, there’s the free network service provided by the university. You switch on the computer, log in, and you can surf the Internet to your heart’s content. Second, water and gas use is free. Actually it isn’t free, but after you pay the money in April, you don’t get charged for the amount you use. With this tiny amount of money, all faucets in the dorm, gas in the kitchen, and the toilets are available at any time. This means that you can cook something in the kitchen and clean up without worrying about spending extra money. Third, a free automatic heater is available in the winter. Every room has a heater by the window, and in a fixed time slot in a day, it gives you warmth. Thanks to the small room, it’s really cozy even without a foot warmer or an air conditioner. These are the reasons why I prefer staying in a small untidy room for a whole day instead of going somewhere else to play.

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