Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Worst Day Trip by Atori H

                When I was a child I had my worst experience. That day I took a day trip with my family. The place where we went was an elegant shop, which had a small pond. In this pond there was a large quantity of tadpoles. These tadpoles colored the pond totally black. First, due to the fact that I was a child and I had never seen such a lot of tadpoles, I was deeply interested in the tadpoles and looked into the pond. In this pond there was an ornament. I remember well that the ornament has the shape of a frog. Next, I was very excited and I tried to look at the tadpoles more. Then, I leaned forward across the pond with my hand on the ornament. I was sure that the ornament was fixed. Unfortunately, it was not fixed. So, the ornament slid from the base because of my weight. Finally, I fell into the pond which was filled with a large quantity of tadpoles. When I remember this moment it always give me the creeps. The street in front of this pond was crowded with tourists. I guess that the tourists were surprised and looked at me. I was pulled up from the pond by a tourist around me and my mind went blank. Then, my mother came running from the shop and confusedly asked me whether any tadpoles got into my mouth. Happily, they did not get into my mouth, but some of them got into my shoes with some water. I got wet and, of course, I could not enter the shop which was the purpose of this day trip. I was deeply ashamed of my action. When I see a tadpole pond, I always remember this experience. This was my worst experience.


  1. Hello! I’m Ryo Isojima. Your description is very vivid so I can imagine clearly what your worst experience is! By the way, I have a question. What kind of shop did you go? (a pet shop?) I will be glad if you tell me it.

    1. Hello, Ryo. Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad. ^^
      The shop where I went sells ceramics. The place where we went was famous for its ceramic industry.

    2. Hello, Atori. The shops seems to be fascinating because I like ceramics! Thank you for your answer :)


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