Monday, 26 May 2014

My student life at the University of Tsukuba

        My student life at the University of Tsukuba is very exciting. I am a member of the Tsukuba Music Association. This is a student club of the university. This club has a lesson studio, practice music instruments for rock band mainly. I go to the studio and practice drums every day. I am a member of some bands and often practice some music but practice alone in the studio is the most exciting time in my school life now. Especially, when I feel bored or miserable in my school life and human relations, I go to the studio and play the drums to my heart’s content. I’m a member of the Folklore Lovers club too. This club performs South American music, for example, Andes or Bolivia. I play the zampoña, a pipe made of reeds or bamboo. This sounds husky and very warm. I’m a member of the small group in this Club. The members of it are best friends. Every day after practice, we eat out. I played at the spring periodical concert with those members on May 2014. That was very exciting. I’m a student of the department of comparative culture. I study western philosophy, the thoughts of Martin Heidegger. This is very hard to understand for me but debating about that in our class is very exciting. I’m a auditor of the architecture class in other departments. I study the history of houses in Japan and western countries and cultural assets of primitive houses around the world. I enjoy music and learning in this university very much.

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