Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Worst Experience by Daigo S

This time, I will tell you about the worst experience in my life. When I was a second grade high school student, I went to a music venue to see a gig. At the gig, three bands performed and I had been really looking forward to seeing each of them. So I saw the first band at the center of the music venue, and I really enjoyed their playing. Next I saw the second band at the center of the music venue too , and I enjoyed their playing and raged out so hard. It was so fun, but I was getting tired. After that, the third band which I was looking forward to seeing the most came out. I raged out very very hard, so I was tired. Then they started playing my most favorite song, so I really got excited and went wild. Suddenly, my face was punched by someone who went wild too. I got sick because of that punch and tiredness. So I could not stand being at the center of the music venue. Finally I went backward, and sat down on the floor. I could not enjoy seeing my most favorite band satisfactorily. It was the worst experience in my life. 

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  1. Hello! I’m Ryo Isojima. Your description is so clear that I can imagine easily what your worst experience is (and what a shame you didn’t see your favorite band satisfactory!). By the way, I have a question. What names were the bands at the gig? I will be glad if you tell me them.


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