Saturday, 31 May 2014

My worst experience by Hiroki K


My worst experience

              I had a terrible experience last summer vacation. A big event was held on this

day from morning to evening in Tokyo. First, I woke up early in morning because I

wanted to get the first train from Tsukuba to Akihabara. After breakfast, I prepared for

this event and left my house for Tsukuba station. Next, I got the first train and arrived at

Akihabara station just as planned. Then, I changed to the Tokyo metro Hibiya line at

Akihabara and got off at Hattyoubori Station. I transfered to the Keiyou line at

Hattyoubori and went to the Shinkiba station. Next, I changed to the Rinkai line and got

off at the Kokusaitenzizyou Station. I walked about seven minutes and arrived at the

event site at 8:00 o’clock. Though the event would started at 10:00 o’clock, a large

number of people were at the front of gate and lined up in three rows. So, I joined the

rows and waited for the event to start. After about one hour passed, I needed to go to the

rest room. Then, I got away from the rows and ran around looking for a rest room.

Fortunately, I found a public toilet near the event site in a minute. Next, I ran into the

public toilet but a happening occurred in this toilet. When I entered one of the rest

rooms, my wallet dropped from my jeans pocket into dirty toilet pot. For a moment I

could not believe what happened but it was a matter of fact.  I picked my wallet from

toilet and washed it by using water and alcohol. I was shocked by the happening. After

this happening, I bought a new wallet. Then,  I packed my wallet in my bag rather than

packed in pocket. This is my worst experience in last the few years. 

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  1. Hi,Hiroki!
    I too think that "Comic Market" is a hard place to enjoy it.
    Ariake become a very bad spot in the summer end.


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