Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My life at the University of Tsukuba by Honoka.S

      My school life at the University of Tsukuba is very monotonous. I’m in the Faculty of Comparative Culture and majoring in European Studies. Basically, after my lecture, I go home or go to my part-time job. Because I don’t belong to a circle and I don’t live in Tsukuba, I have nothing especially to do around the university. Since I take some time to go to university, I must get up early. When I have the first lecture of the day, I must get up at 6. It is very hard for me, especially in the cold winter. So, I’m often late for the lecture. In my free time, I often go to the library to prepare of the lecture. Among the university facilities, I make frequent use of the library. Before my graduation, I want to read a lot of books in the library. After school, as mentioned above, I usually return home immediately but sometimes I go shopping or chat over a cup of tea with my friends. I’m not familiar with the roads in Tsukuba. Because of that, I feel tense when I drive a different route. From now on, I want to remember the roads in Tsukuba that I don’t know, and enjoy my school life at the University of Tsukuba!


  1. Hello, Honoka!
    My name is Miyu2.
    I was surprised to hear that you must get up at 6!
    Very early.
    If you are in trouble, come my house whenever!

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  3. Hi, Honoka!
    I understand your feelings.
    I think it is hard to get up early.
    I always had gotten up at six o'clock when I was high school student.
    If you keep thinking you enjoy your life at the University of Tsukuba, your hope will come true.
    I think so!

  4. It's cool to drive to commute!!
    I want to get a driver's license like you.
    I'm interested in your major.
    Specifically, what do you want to study in the European study?


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