Thursday, 10 January 2013

About me by Michika

I am a student of University of Tsukuba.My local is Wakayama.Wakayama locatedKinki and is facing sea.Wakayama has world heritage.The world heritage is the Koyasan-Kumano Kodo.Koyasan is a mountain in Wakayama.I have gone there when I was an elementary school student.I was impressed the scene of the mountain.So, I want to go Koyasan one more.

Also, Shirahama Adventure World placed in Wakayama.Adventure world is a zoo, a safari park, and an aquarium.We can enjoy touch animals in the ground and the sea.Orca show and Dolphin show are masterpiece.9 pandas are there!(12 pandas are in Japan.)Twin pandas were born in there, and the twins grew up healthy in a few
year ago.

Going back, I will continue to introduce myself.I belong in Orchestra of University of Tsukuba.I play horn.Horn is the instrument, and used in wind orchestra, too.Horn is said the most different instrument in the world.I continued it for 7 years, but I can't play well.But why I make an effort to be able to play well.

Both Wakayama and horn are my important things.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Hi Michika.
    I want to visit Wakayama. Wakayama and Canada have a long and close relationship. You can read about it here:


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