Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My self introduction by Kana

My name is Kana Aikou. I will be your student this term. Let me tell
you about myself.

I am majoring in nursing, and I am in 2nd year now. I'm from Kumamoto
which is located in

the center of Kyushu. My hometown is a warm place, so I want to go
back to Kumamoto.

Tsukuba is too cold for me. I live in an apartment in Amakubo with a
hamster. His

name is Azuki, he is very cute.

I belong to the Tsukuba Field Hockey Club. This spring, I joined the
club as a manager. I

have many tasks as a manager and it is so hard because the manager of
the club is only me.

However, it is very rewarding. Members always help me. My goal is to
increase the

members, so I want many people to know about field hockey.

In this summer, I stayed in Singapore to study English for a month. I
went to a language

school there and made many friends. I'm not good at English, but I
could have a good

experience talk with people from all over the world.

During my stay in Singapore, I went to Malaysia for a trip and did my
first sea bathing. The

sea was very clean.

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  1. Hello Kana, I'm Nanami.
    I was born and had a childhood in Fukuoka, so I have been to Kumamoto many times.
    I like MitsuiGreenland very much!


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